12 July 2005


This is outrageous. Truly outrageous!

The NKF is trying to sue SPH? I think that the people of Singapore should sue NKF and that T T Durai!


chemgen said...

Latest. Durai withdrew his case.


Beaten and bruised and booed. I hope he gets replaced. I wonder if NKF donors can sue Durai back hard. That would be sweet and poetic justice.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

I think that the matter is worth investigating under the Penal Code. Arguably, there is a case for cheating and/or criminal breach of trust.

Really the starting point would just be for a few NKF loyal supporters (perhaps someone like Goh CHok Tong's wife) to come forward and say that they were cheated - they would never have donated so much money to NKF if they had known that this was how NKF used their money; and if they had known the true state of NKF's finances; and if they had known how many patients NKF was really supporting etc.

Anonymous said...

Is it really possible? I've been giving to the NKF for years, so much so they even gave me a plaque (LOL!) recently in appreciation.

I should hv given the funds to the SPCA or something, instead of financing someone's toilet tap :(

Anonymous said...

It was Mrs Goh's comments that shocked me. To quote, "it did not make sense to her to attack an organization which helped the sick." She has clearly forgotten where the money this organization has came from. She also implies that NKF has no need to be accountable.

"'Why make a fuss out of it?' she asked." A fuss? Disregarding the inflated number of patients and the miscalculation in how long the reserves would last, the alleged gold-plated tap is enough to make a fuss out of. The plumber sure did.

"$600,000 is peanuts" Of course it is, Mrs Goh. To you it's peanuts, but please don't lose touch with the reality of how much everyone else makes.

Her comments are irresponsible and appalling.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Did she say that? Haven't read about it yet. If she did, I'm appalled. Or maybe she's trying to fend off any possible public inquiry into the type of taps her husband has in his office, heheh.

Don't forget that NKF's senior management is not a one-man show. Durai is their No. 1 man. What about their No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 people? How much do THEY earn? What kind of cars do THEY drive, what kind of planes do THEY travel on, and are NKF donors paying for those as well?