11 July 2005

Self-Censorship, Singapore Style

On the Tomorrow website, I found this post about an art exhibition in Singapore. The name of the exhibition is HYPE. On visiting the site, I went to the Register/Submit section, which gives details about what to do if you wish to submit your artwork for display in the exhibition. Guess what I saw?

    "The aesthetics of the artwork should understandably be within the boundaries of what is accepted in Singapore."

    "I think I'd better put on my swimming trunks."

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    Anonymous said...

    After reading that excerpt, I had an immediate objection: I don't see the purpose of Art if we were to set the boundaries.

    I gave it some thought afterwards. Art challenges boundaries. If there were no boundaries, literature like Journey to the West (Xi You Ji), Ulysses, Lolita, etc. would never have been considered classics. New movements of art would not have evolved. Modern art would not have existed. I feel that it is with the constraints in mind that we evaluate Art.

    Art may be useless. But boundaries exist in everyone's mind with a purpose to help one tell right from wrong. An artist should not be thinking like everyone if he/she wants to invoke thinking in his/her audience. He/She appreciates the boundaries, and by either working within or challenging the boundaries, the artist gets his/her message (if any) across.