21 July 2005

The Huang Na Murder Trial

July 21, 2005
No sign of sex assault, but it's not ruled out
Possible for such attacks to happen yet leave no traces, says forensic pathologist

By Chong Chee Kin

THOUGH an autopsy on the body of Huang Na revealed no sign of sexual assault, it still could not be ruled out, forensic pathologist Paul Chui told the court at the trial of murder accused Took Leng How yesterday.

In a statement to police after his arrest, Took claimed he had molested Huang Na with his fingers after she was dead, to make it look like she had been raped.

Dr Chui said that though there were 'no positive signs indicating a sexual assault' when he conducted the autopsy on Oct 31 last year, he stressed that it could not be ruled out completely.
If I were the DPP, I wouldn't lose too much sleep over this part of the trial. Whether Took raped or did not rape Huang Na is not that important. Either way, Took is going to hang for murder. Death being the ultimate punishment, the other details become somewhat irrelevant.

I kinda hate homicide trials. That was one reason I quit being a DPP. I never actually did a homicide trial, although I've reviewed police homicide files. I quit before I became senior enough for them to start assigning homicide trials to me.

"Okay, okay, I admit it. I also drove without a licence,
stole two library books and hacked Xiaxue's


Grace said...

hahaha....you are crazy, in a good way.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Look at his evidence in court ..... Game over, lah. The rest is a formality.

Greg Chang said...

So why do you hate homicide trials?

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

In trials, everything unfolds quite slowly, all the relevant facts have to be proven step by steps; it can be a laborious process; there is a lot of procedure to go through -

but the lawyers who are in it - DPP, defence, judge - usually understand quite well what is happening; they can see several steps ahead; everyone has a general sense of what's on everyone else's cards;

it's like being trapped in a movie that's slowly playing out, but you already know what the ending is ...?

In a trial, there are some decisive moments when certain key evidence is being presented and disputed. Once those moments are over, the DPP, the judge, the defence kinda know what the final result is going to be.

So when those moments in a homicide trial are over, and the DPP knows that he's going to win ....

.... well, the trial may still go on for days and days, but every day in court, the DPP looks at the accused and what he sees is a dead man.

And it's just quite creepy. The man walks, talks, moves, looks around, but you look at him and you know with perfect certainty that he's actually dead.

Unknown said...

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