12 July 2005

Give the Man a Tiger!

Davinder Singh, Senior Counsel, Member of Parliament.
The man who showed the world how the NKF has been really doing with our money.


Anonymous said...

This man is a great lawyer lol... Just love the way he cross-examine Mr Durai.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Heheh. I had the privilege of engaging his services once. Not me personally, but the bank I worked for. He is expensive, but so sharp and smooth. Doesn't miss a thing.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Oh, I also know the judge, Tan Lee Meng. He used to be Vice Chancellor of NUS and had an apartment in the same university hostel where I stayed.

He was a great guy, mixed a lot with us students. He used to sit there in the dining hall for hours after dinner, talking to students.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Yeah. Also he was the first (and so far, I think, still the only) academic to be made a judge directly. Other judges were all practitioners before they became judges.

Lee Meng is well-known for his prodigious memory. At the start of each academic year in NUS, he would casually flip through the stack of application forms of the new students coming to the hostel. There would be around 80, 90 students.

Later he would walk around and meet the freshment, and effortlessly he would say things like, "Oh hello, you are Wang Zhen. You're with the Law Faculty and you used to be editor of your JC newsletter."

To prove a point, he would invite freshmen to come forth, and he would say something specific about each of them - "Your name is Ivan. You were from NJC and your CCAs were badminton and debating." "Your name is Thiruchelvi Periasamy and you're Malaysian. You came from the state of Perak." Etc. And he could do this for 70, 80 freshmen.

In court, he carries on this practice where he displays his prodigious memory during trials. Without looking at any document, he will tell the lawyer things like this:

"The paragraph you're looking for is the 4th paragraph on page 37 of Document 24."