03 July 2005


I employ a Filipino maid. Recently the Manpower Ministry changed its rules relating to the employment of foreign domestic workers, so the Ministry sent me a revised, complete set of the applicable regulations. I spotted the following rule, which I think is a new one:

"The foreign worker shall not indulge or be involved in any illegal, immoral or undesirable activities, including breaking up families in Singapore."

It would be interesting to know why the Manpower Ministry has now decided to pass this rule. And also to know the full scope of this rule. "Immoral" and "undesirable" are vague terms.

Today is Mr Wang's "Be Kind to Politicians" Day.
Lucky for you,
Mr Steve Chia.


Merv said...

Illegal? I can understand, there are laws that take care of that.

Immoral,Undesirable? Who is the judge of that?

Anonymous said...

It means that Chinese domestic maids will be allowed soon.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Ahahaaa. You might be right about that.

Sleepless in Singapore said...

I believe they are referring to cases where maids do some "side-line" business when their employers are not around. I have heard of cases where maids act as pimps for other maids.

I personally have heard direct cases when maids invite the boyfriends back home and make use of the master bedroom.

After my previous maid left, I was harrassed for months by an anonymous Bangladesh worker using a prepaid card phone. He kept asking me why I won't let her come to the phone to speak to him; refusing to believe that she has already left for months. He even hinted that he knew my car plate no. and what time my daughter comes home from school each day.

I reported to police (twice) but they will not take action without court order; and unless there is direct threat to your safety. The story is too long to narrate here.

Take care my friend.