22 July 2005

New National Library

I just learned from Ivan Chew's blog that the new National Library has finally opened. Wowee. This is major news for Wang Zhen, one of the most voracious readers on this planet. The best thing is that the new National Library is actually close enough to my office for me to buzz down at lunchtime.

One of my colleagues just said to me, "Well, Mr Wang, I guess you won't ever be joining us for lunch again." Which is probably true, haha. This colleague knows about Mr Wang's frightening appetite for books. And she has correctly guessed that Mr Wang will now spend most of his lunch hours at the National Library.

What does Mr Wang read? A very wide range of books. Poetry, fiction, biographies, Dilbert, self-improvement, spirituality, pop science, parenting, health, finance, law, politics, psychology, humour, business ........ Mr Wang can eat a library on his own.

"Dammit. Lunchtime is nearly over
and I'm still on Chapter Two."


Ivan Chew said...

Hi Mr Wang, if you drop by the Central Lending Library at Basement 1, check out the "Fiction Focus" corner. We have a section called "Who's Reading What?" and we welcome submissions from the public. Basically about 200 - 500 words on fiction titles that you've read. Would certainly welcome your contributions.

Heavenly Sword said...

So what would be Mr Wang's top 10 favourite books? :) (please do exclude Harry Potter...hehe)