12 July 2005

Guess Where Your NKF Donation Went?

    ST, July 12, 2005
    NKF CEO's $600,000 pay revealed in court
    By Bertha Henson
    A CLOSELY guarded secret of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) was finally made public yesterday: the salary of its chief executive T.T. Durai.

    Gasps could be heard in the courtroom when it was revealed that on top of his $25,000 a month salary, he also received 10 to 12 months in yearly bonuses. That makes his annual salary between $550,000 and $600,000, or $1.8 million in total over the past three years.

    This fact, and the disclosure that he had flown first class on NKF's funds, emerged on Day 1 of NKF's defamation suit against Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

    The NKF, which is entirely dependent on public funds, offers dialysis treatment to kidney patients. Two out of every three Singaporeans contribute to it.

"We must be in Singapore.
They keep us in the dark and feed us all the bullshit."

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Anonymous said...

mrs goh,for him thats a peanut,
how about u? do u got a bigger nut?
remember,the foundation build up buy ours public,even a cent is for the people that is really need it.
not for ur 12 months bonus!!!!!