07 July 2005


ST Forum July 7, 2005
Singapore's IOC role fills him with pride

AS A Singaporean living in Britain, I feel immensely proud that Singapore has been hogging the headlines in the media for its role in the International Olympic Committee (IOC)'s selection of the 2012 games venue.

The Republic has really outdone itself with this project.

I have been asked many questions about Singapore by my British friends and colleagues who are very impressed by pictures of Singapore that they see in their
newspapers and on their prime-time news slots.

Indeed, I have never quite experienced such a surge of interest in our country during my years here, and I feel very honoured and privileged to be able to share details about Singapore.

So many world figures and celebrities have arrived in Singapore these few days; it is hard to describe what joy this means to an overseas Singaporean accustomed to seeing the same figures mentioned daily in world media.

I would like to congratulate the team behind the project, and all Singaporeans who share my delight.

Truly, our city state deserves the accolades.

Ong Lu-Ann


Is it just me? Or am I not the only one who thinks that this is getting hopelessly ridiculous?

Singapore itself is not bidding to host the 2012 Olympics. Singapore just happens to be the venue where other countries are bidding to host the 2012 Olympics. So why are we getting all excited?

Beijing will host the next Olympics in 2008. That's very interesting. But does anyone care about the venue where Beijing representatives, and the representatives of other countries, gathered a few years ago to bid to host the 2008 Olympics? I don't. I don't even remember what the venue was.

So Singapore held an international convention. Big deal. We hold international conventions all the time. Singapore is an international convention centre, remember? This is what we are supposed to do. If we did a good job, let's give ourselves a pat on the back. But please, let's not get over-excited.

We were just the venue to decide on the venue of the Real Event, ok? We're not the Real Event, and we're not even the venue for the Real Event.

"The most memorable event of my life?
Well, I once had the chance to worship the ground that XiaXue walked on."


Anonymous said...

my sentiments exactly. People too often jus like to shoot their mouth off and you even wonder y in the first place!

Wandie said...
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Wandie said...

You are not alone.

Beijing was selected in Moscow. I had to dig it up from IOC archives.


tausarpiah said...

just wait till you see the ST Forum today ...