20 July 2005

Mr Wang is Annoyed

Okay, that's it. Mr Analytics88, you're deleted. And that goes for anyone else who sends offensive and tasteless emails to the Commentary Singapore email account. Jerk.

"Please don't squash me, Mr Wang. I'm really, really sorry.
I just can't help being a creep."
- Mr Analytics88.

Now I begin to understand why XiaXue sometimes behaves the way she behaves. It's tough being famous. You get all these irritating pests who are soooooo jealous of your blog, it's pathetic. Go get a life, jerk. Or at least your own blog.

Mr Wang has a weapon.


singaporean said...

See Mr Wang,
another poor soul's head is poisoned by Kiyosaki's half-baked ideas.

There are no risk-free instruments that pays 6%. The closest to risk-free in Singapore is the Singapore Government Bonds, and the yields are barely 4%. Buy into US Treasuries, and you take on forex risks, and even then, you dont get 6% yield.

Even corporate bonds issued by LTA or HDB, dont pay you 6%, and you better be rich enough to fork out 100k a pop. And yet they are immensely popular. I wonder which morons who are so rich would subscribe to such bonds at 4.25% when 6% opportunities are everywhere.

Yes, you can do better than 2.5% with ease with cash. But 6% is unrealistic without taking on excessive risk. With CPF, with all the fees agent banks charge and government regulations, you'd be hard pressed to break-even, let alone profit.

So, enlighten us, Analytics88, where can we find an instrument that guarantees 6% returns at such a low risk that we can bet our house on it?

And what makes you think the HDB loan rates will stay forever at 2.5%? If you take a bank loan and property prices crash and send you into negative equity, will the bank force sell your property if you fail to top up with cash?

If you havent thought about all these, I'd say that you are living your life rather dangerously.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

You're quite right, Singaporean!

But what annoys Mr Wang is not Analytics88's ignorance -

it's the CHEEK of emailing me his rehashed comments on money matters, and adding INSULTING remarks about my job; my children; my poetry; AND my former blog SLMJD;

and on top of that, he has the CHEEK to come back to this blog, my blog, pretend he didn't do anything, and say, "You Have Been Warned!" to Mr Wang.

Well, Analytics88, you're zapped! I'm almost tempted to do a Miyagi special here!