20 July 2005


Commentary Singapore presents the full text of Khaw Boon Wan's comments in Parliament today on the NKF saga. Wang Zhen foresees a new round of discussion in the blogosphere, despite Agagooga's plea for an end to all the excited chattering.


Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Very well then. Mr Wang will give the benefit of the doubt that you are not the Evil Emailer.

And I look forward to continuing the discussion with you. I will set up a separate post for the discussion.

Btw, in case you still haven't realised, MANY bloggers know exactly who I am. Mr Wang does not exactly keep this a secret among bloggers. Mr Wang calls himself Mr Wang purely because of the existence of certain kinds of stat board heads. And you obviously aren't one.

Anthony said...

Hey Mr Wang,

You suddenly got all prophetic on us is it? Xiaxue's board just got hacked!

Agagooga said...

The plea was about postings to Tomorrow.sg