08 July 2005

Beware - Stupid Bloggers on the Loose.

My last post was about government scholarships. But an anonymous person left a totally irrelevant comment there. The comment provided a blogspot address:


I visited the blog. I was appalled by its sheer stupidity. Did a human being really write this? Or was it some kind of stupid monkey that had somehow learned to type?

"How could you say that, Mr Wang! You're insulting my kind."

My original intention was to publicise the blog address here, so that all of you can visit, leave some comments, educate the blogger's pitiful brain and help his intellect evolve to a slightly higher level. Then I realised that the blogger had disabled the "Comments" function on his blog. He didn't provide any email address. He even hid his Blogger profile.

Haaa. So he is not that stupid. He is just a bigot bursting with prejudice, and he knows it. That's why he doesn't want anyone to correspond with him and he doesn't leave any clues as to who he might be. He doesn't even want to give himself a name. He knows he has no sensible way to defend or justify his violently anti-gay position.

"Hrrrumph. I don't care what you say, Mr Wang.
I still hate gays. They're as bad as Jews."
- Adolf Hitler.

On the topic of homosexuals, let me just share a few simple thoughts with the readers of Commentary Singapore. Your hairstylist could be gay. The man who sat next to you on the MRT today could be gay. Your boss could be gay. Your sister could be a lesbian. Health Minister Balaji Sadavisan could be a closet gay.

The point is - what does it matter? You go to your hairstylist for a haircut - why should you care about his sex life? The man on the MRT didn't do anything except sit next to you - why should you hate him? Your boss is gay. So what - were you planning to make love to him? Your sister is lesbian. Does that mean she's no longer your sister? And if Balaji is gay, why should you care, as long as he does his job well and keeps our healthcare system working?

You have no reason to care about anyone's sex life except your own, and your own lover's. (And your children's, if they are underage). Otherwise, why should you be so KAYPOH!?

"Darling, that bloody photographer is back again!
I swear I'm gonna bite his head off, after we finish copulating."


Anonymous said...

you got the point.

dont care if the cat is black or white or grey. ability to catch the mouse is a good cat.


Anonymous said...

You mean you never saw the stopgays blog before?

Thought it's notorious in the local blogging world.... Heard that he was spurned by some guy and became like that...


Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Muahaaaha. Now that is funny.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against gays.

Until they start hitting on me.

Then I get violent.


Corporate Manwhore

Anonymous said...

Oh Mr Wang, and you were wrong about him being smart enough to disable the comments functions--he used to have a tagboard and was slammed badly there.

And apparently, he has something against schoolgirls too. A misogynist ex-gay gay basher and what not...


Anonymous said...

mr wang, i've only been recently introduced to your blog and it's nothing short of an exciting read. i've often mulled over the possibility of starting such a blog myself, but having read yours, i say, let the experts carry on.

and yes, the stopgays blogger is incredibly myopic. in fact, he rather reminds me of one of those crazy villains from arkham asylum that batman battles.

mr stopgays, do us a favor, get yourself a fancy costume and audition for the next batman movie. for all your affectations of patriotism (or at least all your effusive propaganda spouting), i think singapore would be a much safer place if you relocated to hollywood, in the company of loonies like yourself.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Ben, thank you for the compliment. If you are not already doing so, you must also read Molly Meek's blog. Mr Wang highly recommends it.