29 August 2005

Mr Wang Just Keeps Popping Up Everywhere!

This time, it's the Global Voices Online website of Harvard Law School that has referred to Mr Wang's views on Singapore's presidential issues. On further investigation, it appears that Malaysian blogger Jeff Ooi contributed that little post about Mr Wang.

In case you didn't already know, Jeff Ooi is the editor of Screenshots, which won this year's Freedom Blog Award for the Asian region (beating, among other nominees, Singabloodypore). The Freedom Blog Awards are organised by Reporters Without Borders, an international non-governmental organisation committed to promoting freedom of expression.

"Even Mr Wang made it to Global Voices Online!
Why are you still laughing at my singing?"


Anonymous said...

yo mr wang, u got the url to this jeff ooi's blog?


Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...


Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed with your new title.

Most feedbacks to your questionaire either prefer your original title or you not to change the title. Instead you get a new awkward-sounding one.

It appears you don't want to be seen listening to or trying to please anyone.

Beach-yi said...

Why should he please you?

Anonymous said...


Mr Wang doesn't need to listen or please anyone.

He only chooses what he wants to hear.

If you speaks from the right side he may hear you.

Feedbacks are just for show.