17 August 2005

The History of the Singapore Blogosphere

This blogger, Yuhui, whom I hadn't previously come across, came up with an interesting idea to track the ever-evolving history of the Singapore blogosphere.

Yesterday, I emailed him a couple of ideas; he used some of them; and then he invited me to be a member of his history blog. So there - Mr Wang is now an official contributor to Blog TimeLine.SG.

For starters, I posted something about Singabloodypore getting nominated for an international award, and blogger Thum Pin Tjin swimming across the English Channel.

If you come across any event which you think could represent a historic moment for the SG blogosphere, feel free to let me know.

Philosopher-blogger Hui Chieh makes a guest appearance in
the National Blogospheric Museum of Singapore.


Elia Diodati said...

At least this thinker doesn't look like he's permanently on the crapper.

Huichieh said...

...*smack on forehead*...