05 August 2005

More About the Tomorrow Editors ...

Fwhahahaa! Singabloodypore offers a little more gossip about the dispute between the Tomorrow editors. So this is the kind of stuff they argue about. I can hear the Clash of the Stomping Egos. And some Egos are bigger than others, of course.

"Ooooooh. So now you want to fight with me."

Also thanks to Singabloodypore, I was reminded of another old example of a Tomorrow editor at work. Please read and draw your own conclusions, hor. I never say anything, ok? Wait some angry people come to my peaceful little blog and start wrestling match here, how ... ?

To the people (or person) who need(s) to lighten up - please lighten up. Too much ego might make your head burst. It could be hazardous for your health.

"Uh oh. We're losing too much hot air."

Okay, that's it. Mr Wang will no longer blog about this matter. Notwithstanding all the funny pictures, my blog is supposed to be a Serious Blog. You know - about law, politics, government policies and all that. Not about Clashes of the Stomping Egos.

"Eh, I think Tomorrow cannot, lah. Just cannot make it."

(11 Aug)UPDATE! Mr Wang has more.


Kevin said...

Love it man! Forget Tomorrow, Blog Today! :P

singaporean said...

AFAIK, jseng may work for the singapore govt but he is not a singapore citizen. Having read his blog regularly just to see what IDA could be doing. Instead, I see him flying all year round and doing ego trips around the world.

Since their own government would rather hire a foreigner to be the face of singapore at international conferences, it is little wonder he sees most singaporeans as dumb serfs to be educated by him.

xenoboysg said...

Well said mr Wang. I too am following this curious little mini saga and wondering what really is the matter; free speech and racism is always a volatile mix. The stance of the particular editor in defending that entry was slippery to say the least.

I have seen this Buttermilk blog and commented there before when he was blasted for that Tommorow Tupperware entry. Thought the particular Tomorrow editor or editor(s) who were burning him adopted a slightly unnecessary tone.

Entertaining nonetheless.