29 August 2005

The Professors Are Watching Me

Sometimes Mr Wang suspects that his funny pictures ought to disqualify his blog from being taken too seriously. Apparently not. As mentioned earlier, the US Library of Congress has listed Mr Wang as an electronic resource on politics in Singapore. And now Mr Wang sees that the Singapore Internet Research Centre at Nanyang Technological University has also taken note of his existence:
"In the US especially, blogs have actively been used for political purposes. For example, Garett Graff was probably the first blogger to be given a daily White House pass based on his blogging of Washington news media.

Singaporean bloggers tend to focus more on personal and daily issues. Some of the more popular local blogs include Sandralicious and Xiaxue. However, there are a few which are dedicated to topics related to travel, culture, language and technology such as Commentary Singapore and Singapore Ink. This in itself is an issue that seems to be widely discussed within the Singapore blogging community."
Commentary Singapore was, of course, this blog's previous name. Strangely, I am described as being dedicated to topics related to "travel, culture, language and technology." Looking at my past 20 posts or so, I can hardly see any post focusing on such topics. I would think that a more accurate description would be to say that this blog focuses on "politics, law, media and civil rights."

"Look, Mr Wang, if I can wear a loincloth in public and still
become the Governor of California, I don't see why
your blog shouldn't be taken seriously."

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