10 August 2005

Singlish Afflicts Little Wang

Mr Wang and Little Wang take a walk together on National Day and talk about the alphabet. "Give me words that start with the letter D", says Mr Wang. Little Wang promptly rattles off half a dozen words - dog, door, duck, dolphin etc.

"No, no," says Mr Wang. "Those are the D words you always like to give. Today, try to give me a different kind of D word."

Little Wang thinks for a moment. Then he says, "How about ..... dowan?"

"Dowan is also D word, what. No meh?"


ivan said...

doesn't that just make you grin and want to tear at your hair, all at the same time. he's cute!

Heavenly Sword said...

Anyone who can master Singlish at such a young age can master English easily later on in life. Congrats, Mr Wang.

Wandie said...

Reminds me of a comedy cd I once heard.

Gameshow Host: Now for your final question, name me as many fruits as you can starting with the letter 'N' starting... Now!

Contestant: Errr errr, Nectarine!

Audience: *clap clap clap*

Contestant: Err.... Nangka! Nurian! Numbutan! Nana! Nychee! Nogan! Nemon!

Audience: Wah Lau Eh!

tscd said...

Heh, funny little boy!