11 August 2005

Mr Wang Argues with Steven McDermott

MR WANG: Orrrrrr! You die already! Look whose feelings you have hurt. Bad karma, you know! Scold PAP, not enough, you scold Tomorrow editor some more!

STEVEN: Mr Wang, how can this be my fault. All I did was cut and paste someone else's article into my own blog.

MR WANG: It -is- your fault. As Cowboy Caleb said, you just love to "gloat and tear people down" when they hit a snag. This is such typical bloooody McDermottie behaviour.

STEVEN: I didn't even know what kind of snag the Tomorrow editors hit. I thought I made that plain on my blog.

MR WANG: That's the problem with you, Steven. Don't know, still want to talk soooooo much!

STEVEN: But what I cut and pasted was written by La Idler, a Tomorrow editor. And what La Idler wrote was an open letter, for the whole world to read!

MR WANG: Open letter, SO WHAT! You still want to make excuses. Can't stand you, you, ... you chao angmo! Just because something is made available on the Internet for the whole wide world to see doesn't mean you are allowed to talk about it, you know!

STEVEN: In case you forgot, Cowboy Caleb also said that -you- are also gloating and tearing them down. And -you- are the one who put up all those funny pictures poking fun at them. I think that's what THEY are really angry about.

MR WANG: How dare you point fingers at me! Everyone knows that funny pictures are COMPULSORY on my blog! You just have no blooody sense of humour! All you ever do is cut & paste!

STEVEN: Mr Wang, wake up your ideas. You think everyone has a sense of humour like you? Even La Idler has apologised to the other Tomorrow editors for the trouble caused. They had a meeting and now they are one big happy family again.

MR WANG: Oh, issit? All is well? Tomorrow is STRONGER than EVAR before?

Cowboy takes up sumo wrestling.

STEVEN: Of course. Didn't you notice WHO didn't attend the meeting? I hear the meeting went very well. And they even ....

MR WANG: Don't tell me, I don't want to know! I don't want to know! The less I know, the better. Or I'll get more people accusing me of gloating and tearing this and that up and down and left and right.

STEVEN: Oh, forget it. This Tomorrow topic is just too difficult for kids like you and me. Let's talk about less-serious things, like human rights or the public protest against GIC, HDB and CPF.

Left to Right: Mr Wang, Steven McDermott and Kevin Lim.
"But there IS no evil at Tomorrow!"


Kevin said...

Mr Wang my sensei! You are wise and steady... so steady in fact that when I blogged about you, I somehow attained both you and Steven's level of "sensationalism". Now CowboyCaleb called us "kids"! Aiyah... why didn't call us infantile (wasted)? We're innocent I tell you... innocent! Everything was out there in public for the picking (or blogging / critique)!

BTW: Mr Wang, your secret plan is working *rubs monkey palms mischievously*... soon us monkeys will take over the blogosphere! BUAH HA HA HA HA!! *Cough cough* :P

takchek said...

Hahahaha! Good one. Somehow if you point these out, you will be labelled as 'kids'.

Some people skin very thin...:)

dfgd said...

Dear CowboyCaleb, and Editors of Tomorrow.sg


I, Steven, recognize and accept that a number of statements that I made, did not make, or merely copied and pasted, on my on-line journal “Singabloodypore”, in particular the blog post of August 2005, were defamatory of Tomorrow.sg, its Editors, and anyone who might have ever been or is likely in the future to be an editor.

I admit and acknowledge that these statements, which I merely copied and pasted are false and completely without any foundation.

I unreservedly apologize to Tomorrow.sg, its Editors, and anyone who might have ever been or is likely in the future to be an editor for the distress and embarrassment caused to them by these statements that I merely copied and pasted.

I undertake not to copy and paste the statements, or make further copied and pasted statements of the same or similar effect in this or any other forum or media.

Hopefully this one will stop any defamation cases. AcidFlask's site still very useful one.

akikonomu said...

Who is soci and what has he done to Steve McDermott?

dfgd said...

soci is steven. Decided to remove name etc. Yes bloggers know who I am.

Anthony said...


Dudes, I think Tomorrow has overreacted to the comments made about the recent debacle.

Still, from what I've seen, Tomorrow does a decent job despite its setbacks, so I'm still willing to give it benefit of doubt.

Nice parody though.