07 August 2005

Book Project

Mr Wang is on the Literary Singapore Mailing List, which gives local writers regular updates on events and developments in the literary scene. Anyway, Mr Wang just received the following update and thought that he would help publicise it on his blog:
Oogachaga, Singapore's gay -lesbian-bisexual counselling group, has commissioned Ng Yi-Sheng to write a book on Coming Out in Singapore.

The purpose of the book is to tell the stories of gay, lesbian and bisexual Singaporeans,with particular focus on their coming out stories. Each chapter will be a different story, as told by a different person. The book will feature *real names* and *real photos*.

The Author, Ng Yi-Sheng, is looking to interview 10 or more gay Singaporeans from any ethnicity, creed or background, who must be brave enough to have their names, faces and stories published in a book.

Positive stories (e.g. successful reconciliation with family members/religion etc) are especially valued.

Those who are interested in participating in this book project, please contact:

E-Mail: ngyi-sheng[at]writer.per.sg
Mr Wang always loves to get involved in literary projects. Alas, this time Mr Wang is disqualified. But if you're gay, courageous and Singaporean, why not drop Yi Sheng an email.

In recent times, the Singapore government seems to be at loggerheads with gays in Singapore. See for example this recent ST article:

ST July 29, 2005
No party, so gays plan to hold seven events

By Arlina Arshad

GAYS and lesbians in Singapore are planning a month-long programme of events in response to the banning of the annual Nation gay party, which is usually held every August.

Under the banner IndigNation, the planned programme comprises seven events by gay activist groups and individuals. It kicked off yesterday with a four-day exhibition of children's book illustrations by artist Martin Loh.

Other events include a talk on classical Chinese literature, a poetry recital and a forum.

The programme will end on Aug 26.

There is no official committee organising the festival, said Mr Alex Au of activist group People Like Us, adding: 'It's very grassroots. Different people are organising different events.'

The organisers are: People Like Us, bible study group Safehaven, sports group Adlus and individuals including Dr Tan Chong Kee, activist and academic Russell Heng, artist Martin Loh and poet Dominic Chua.

IndigNation was organised after the Nation party, billed as Asia's largest gay celebration and held here annually since 2001, was banned. Police here declared it 'contrary to public interest' and denied organiser Fridae.com, an online gay network, a public entertainment licence. The event will now be held in Phuket in November.

'The gay community is indignant and extremely unhappy. All the talk about society opening up is just empty words,' said Mr Au. He stressed that the campaign was not a retaliation.

Fridae.com chief executive Stuart Koe also insisted that the online portal 'did not organise nor call for' the festival."

Mr Wang thinks that the Singapore government is being rather pigheaded about the whole thing. Read Mr Wang's old post about the police decision to ban the Nation party. No doubt it was the same bunch of birdbrains who decided to ban Shanmugam Murugesu's face from his own memorial concert.

I digress - but did you know that Leonardo da Vinci was gay?

"Damnit. No wonder my seductive smile
is having no effect on Leonardo."


Anthony said...

As am I, but I will pass this on to those who might help.

singaporean said...

Hey, dont be in such a hurry to disqualify yourself. Just because you are attracted by the opposite sex doesnt mean that you cant be attracted by the same too!!!! You gotta explore that aspect first before you conclude you dont qualify!

My index finger is the same length as my ring finger, which suggest that I may swing both ways. Now if your ring finger is longer than your index finger, but you think you dont qualify, you could be swinging the wrong way...

But alas, I cant write for nuts... so I guess I dont have to bother exploring.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Aha! You don't have to be able to write well. Yi Sheng will interview you and write the story. And he's quite a good writer.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...
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Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Aha! And you must be one of those "less decisive" people that Marina Heiss wrote about. When you read the 1st paragraph of this, you will know what I mean.

One day, I should indeed like to go for psychotherapy. Renowned psychotherapist Scott M Peck, (an INTJ himself) states in his book "The Road Less Travelled" his belief that psychotherapy can help practically anyone in his or her self-development.

Alas, I am not interestingly crazy, but only a remarkably textbook INTJ. As the Keirsey website says, INTJs are just about the most self-confident personality types you'll ever meet:

"....... they tend to be much more self-confident than the rest, having, for obscure reasons, developed a very strong will."

Unknown said...

To show support to this particular community (since the government won't), I've got Cloudywind's help to come out with a short video for them.

Will help spread the news too! :)