20 September 2005

You Will Be Shocked By What Mr Wang Found!

I don't know if this is a joke or what. Or whether there is somebody deliberately trying to provoke the Singapore authorities, following the recent cases of the seditious bloggers.

I have just discovered a new blog. It looks as if the blogger, "True Singaporean", is deliberately testing his luck by blogging about everything he should not be blogging about.

In the first section of his blog, he has uploaded copies of SAF military maps revealing details of our military training areas in areas like Pasir Laba and Pulau Tekong. He's even drawn circles and arrows to highlight certain parts of the maps, and written comments (I think he's depicting the military troop movement in these areas).

In the second section, he has uploaded copies of SAF policies relating to non-Chinese SAF servicemen (they look fairly harmless and non-contentious to me, but still you shouldn't be uploading SAF documents on the Internet!). He has added all kinds of malicious and offensive comments about non-Chinese servicemen (but I really don't see how his comments are connected to the SAF policies). He seems to have been a BMT instructor at some point in time, and he writes quite sadistically about how he enjoys inflicting extra harsh physical punishment on the non-Chinese recruits.

In the third section, True Singaporean has uploaded a whole load of expletives-laden messages about Malays and Muslims. Deputy Public Minister Jayakumar gets it in a particularly bad way (this blogger can't seem to get his facts right - as far as I know, Jayakumar isn't even Muslim). Scary part is that True Singaporean even seems to know where Jayakumar lives - there's a photo of his house.

And there's the infamous roasted pig head photo again - I bet he copied it from the other blogger who got charged under the Sedition Act.

Click here to see. I'm calling the police!

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