21 September 2005

Singapore Rebel - The Investigation Continues

Political film-maker Martyn See is feeling depressed. Well, can you blame him? Now the police is not only investigating him, but apparently also his friends and acquaintances. Martyn writes:
"The police has intensified investigations against me by calling up blogger Jacob George whose number is listed on my mobile. The walls are closing in. Not only am I unable to speak freely on my own phone, the police is now closing in on individuals who are totally unconnected with the making of 'Singapore Rebel.'
Jacob George is the guy who blogs over at Omeka Na Huria. What does Jacob George have to say about this? In Jacob's own words:
About 12.15pm yesterday, I received a call from an ASP Chan of the Singapore Police Force. He requested an interview with me with regards to the ongoing investigations into the documentary, Singapore Rebel, by Martyn See.

I asked the ASP why he wanted to talk to me. He replied that he's talking to some of Martyn's friends and acquaintances as part of the investigations. He mentioned that I've been in contact with Martyn via SMS.

When the ASP called, I asked him how he got my mobile number. He just replied "through our investigations". I asked him a few times but he gave the same reply. Not many people have my mobile number. Those who do would've told me if they had been approached for my number. Nobody did.

We will probably meet next week.

Like I've written so many times before, it's not as if the documentary was a training video for the JI terrorist group!!

This unnecessary investigation is being taken to ridiculous levels.
Mr Wang would like to say two things about this latest development to any Stupid Police Officer Who Could Be Reading Mr Wang's Blog Right Now.

Firstly, DON'T CALL ME. Mr Wang has never met, spoken to, or sent SMSes or emails to, or received SMSs or emails from, to Martyn See or Jacob George; and Mr Wang does not have their numbers in his mobile, and Mr Wang is pretty sure that they don't have his number in their mobiles. Mr Wang is just a kaypoh blogger who likes to talk about political filmmakers in Singapore for the fun of it.

Secondly, please bear in mind that Martyn See is blogging about every stage of your investigations. This is a highly sensitive case. All kinds of media organisations, international and local, are closely following Martyn See's blog for updates. So Mr Wang advises you to take extra care in how you conduct your investigations. If you do any silly things like Haul Anyone and Everyone Who Is Found in Martyn See's Handphone Down to the Police Station For Interviews, Martyn will blog about it and the whole world will read his blog and think the Singapore police is really acting silly.

Of course I am not saying that it is silly of you to interview Jacob George (wah piang, you think Mr Wang wants to be sued for defamation meh?). You may have good reasons for wanting to interview Jacob George. Or you may not. Mr Wang expresses no view on the matter. Just bear in mind that your investigations are being closely watched. You wouldn't want to act in any way that might adversely affect the good reputation of the Singapore police, would you? If things blow up, that's not good for your performance appraisal either. Don't forget, "political sensitivity" is one of the official appraisal criteria.

News of any silliness on your part can travel very quickly on the Internet, you know. That's how the blogosphere works. A hyperlink here, a hyperlink there, and the whole world knows. To see for yourself, just go to Google BlogSearch, type in "Singapore Rebel" and check out the results.


potpourri said...

You tell them, Mr Wang! :D Somehow the image of our friendly Mr Policeman reading and scrutinizing blogs for "clues" just makes me want to laugh.

Policeman: Damnit, have to do OT tonight again. Gotta read singaporerebel.blogspot.com and commentarysingapore.blogspot.com! KNN!

Admin said...

Dear Mr. Wang,

There are reasons for such overkill as the very power base of PAP govt is being challenged directly. Else, who would bother about such film that does no harm to anybody at all?

From the various events that unfold recently, it seems that there is this undercurrent of uneasiness in PAP which has supposedly claim "MANDATE" from the people back in 2001. The more they overkill in handling various harmless events like the eight elephants, Singapore Rebel and the protest staged in front of CPF building, the more they will agitate the young voters! Well, I wouldn't mind them digging their own graves you know! ;)

BTW, I have heard you were toying around with the idea to "interview" me? True or not? I would be honoured to be interviewed! ;)

Goh Meng Seng