06 September 2005

Short Takes

Mr Wang would like to comment more about Yap Keng Ho's police report against Channel News Asia. Time, however, does not permit. Similarly, Mr Wang would like to write about the White Elephants of Buangkok. Again time is not on his side. For the latter story, Mr Wang will simply refer you to Singapore Ink's commentary.

"Shh ....! The police are after me.
I'm a really endangered species now."


Jeff Ooi of Screenshots must be a fan of poet/blogger Gilbert Koh. Mr Wang notes that on 16 August, Jeff told the world about Gilbert's poetry blog on Global Voices Online; and then on 1 September 2005, one day after Gilbert won the Golden Point Award 2005 for Poetry, Jeff Ooi announced Gilbert's win on Global Voices Online again.

Or perhaps Jeff just knows how to spot an award-winning poet when he sees one.

"Over there! Hiding behind the rocks! The one
with the metaphysical metaphor and alliterative assonance!"

Oh, and Mr Wang made it to someone's Blog Day 2005 list! Thank you, Kevin.

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I'm but a small fry in the big ocean... but you're welcome anyway :P