19 September 2005

The Elections Are Coming!

Here's a long ST article on PM Lee Hsien Loong doing his job as MP, in the heart of the heartlanders' territory. No real news, no policy changes, just a looooooong article about PM Lee listening to the woes of the common man. This is a clear sign that elections are on their way. Get your election goodies wishlist ready, everyone.

Political Job Hazard.


akikonomu said...

But Mr Wang, what exactly does Minilee have to show for his leadership of 2 years?

Did he improve on his predecessor? Fulfill promises his predecessor did not carry out?

Anthony said...


Do either of those criteria matter for re-election?

akikonomu said...

Lol anthony. I guess not in our unique country =D

But I still want to believe Singapore is as normal as any other democratic nation in the world, that our leaders are judged by their merits.