23 July 2005

Dr Randy Kluver

Does the name sound familiar? He's the director of the Singapore Internet Research Center. Randy is also the the Internet expert whom the Straits Times quoted in its article yesterday about XiaXue's blog being hacked. Randy's most memorable line: "Disagree with the writer, but do it in another, legal, way, like setting up a blog to blast her."

Anyway, I've just discovered Randy's blog. Looks like a crisscross between his personal life and his intellectual interests. The blog has been around for some time but from what I can see on Technorati, it isn't very well-known and is probably not getting much traffic.

Well, Mr Wang will do his little bit to change that. You are all encouraged to click here, pop over and say hi to Randy. Be nice to Randy, okay? So that he'll say good things about us Singapore bloggers the next time the mainstream media interviews him again. He can be a valuable member of the Singapore blogging community.

Here, for starters, maybe you guys can help him out with his Typepad question.

I think that HuiChieh and Elia Diodati may, in particular, acquire a taste for Randy's blog.

"I'm a king and he's a pirate. Daddy, errmmmm, he's just a professor."
- the Kluver kids.


Huichieh said...

It's already on my bloglines...

Elia Diodati said...

Heh, yeah I already have him on my list too. But I appreciate the thought :)

Jayce said...

hey, that's my lecturer back in NUS, he's a great guy :) plus great teacher