13 September 2006

The Three B's

Foreign Affairs Minister BG George Yeo just used the word "balls" in his blog post. "Balls", as in "testicles". Heheh. I don't know about you, but I like this. The man is loosening up. I see this as a positive sign:
"What are the 3 B's? They are Brains, Balls and Breaks.

Brains - well, it always helps if one is smart, alert and able to spot trends. One also needs a sense of social situations. We need both IQ and EQ.

Then you need Balls. Guts, the courage to take calculated risks and persistence. Balls without brains is dangerous. Brains without balls doesn't get you very far...."
More here.

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Anonymous said...

Bullshit, Bullies and Blood-suckers are what comes to mind when one is reminded of George Yeo's "IR is different from casino" blatant lie.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...


George Yeo in Cuba.

Anonymous said...

Do not be deceived by Georgie Yeo. It's just a 'manage the internet' PR stunt (with blessings from that YPAP blogger Ephraim cocksucker) trying to salvage the near embarrassment of Aljunied GRC in GE2006.

Judge politicians by what they do, and not what they say. Saying may be important too, but it must tally with what they do as well.

Anonymous said...

Cuba, another communist country. Do you realise that Singapore is now befriending all the repressive states in this world? Business must be in their minds.

Talking about balls, do Singaporeans have the balls to stand up for what they believe in? Here, I mean moral courage.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous who posted on "Wednesday, September 13, 2006 5:20:12 PM". ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS.

The repeated attacks at mb shows how much the govt really wants a creative and inclusive society despite their official words saying otherwise.

Mr People's Action Party [if you or your staff is reading this], in my opinion your party's name is a misnomer. Afterall the People are no longer allowed to take Action anymore, even if it were just a peaceful protest or a "laugh at ourselves" humor column.

Anonymous said...

actually, i gotta say, this has been the best post by Mr Yeo so far. If one reads it from a non-political POV, the advice he gives is useful to the average individual.

GY has to stand by his party, so there's a lot of things he cannot address on the blogosphere as a private individual.

Anonymous said...

Reading the comments in his blog, I have the impression it's more like a "educating the minister series".

He needs to be corrected in almost every post!

Someone should ask him to stop quoting Chinese classics or history.... he can't even get the chinese chap's name right - zhuge liang against zhu geliang!

What a shame.

Joseph Chiang said...

Oh dear, we've come to a stage where one gets so excited just by hearing a minister use the word 'balls'! How sad...

Anonymous said...

We will rejoice when they actually use their 'balls' to say something different from the party!

Anonymous said...

i think we have to regard George Yeo's blog as just a mean for him to express his thoughts (within the limits imposed by his party, of course) to whoever is interested to read.

If we are not interested in what he has to say, we are free to tune out, just as in any other blog.

It serves no purpose if the internet community is to blindly attack his blog because of who he is. Then it reflects badly on the commentor(s), as well as on the blog/forum with these comments.

The main stream media don't even need to do anything, and they will appear more credible and impartial, because their online "competitors" choose to self-destruct.