30 September 2006

Thank You For Reading

As September draws to a close, I note that Mr Wang's Karmic Biscuits have reached yet another all-time high in popularity. Mr Wang's monthly unique readership exceeded 31,000 this month, and has more than tripled in the past nine months.

So thank you for reading (and commenting). And if you have enjoyed this blog, don't forget to tell your friends about it!


moomooman said...

I think the exact figure probably is 30998. I log into your blog from 2 external sources this month.


Anonymous said...

WTF?!!!?!?! Really lose to XX ah????
Such depressing news.

I hate to but have to agree with yh's comments........ sigh.

From Chonghan

Anonymous said...

way to go mr wang. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, just a point extrapolated from generalization. Wonder if Mr Wang's training is mostly Brit-based. Brits tend to say biscuits more than Yankees. Yankees tend to say cookies more than Brits.

All the same, thanks for the yummy, calorie-free, cholestrol-free biscuits, although some can drive one's blood pressure up :P

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

I studied law at Singapore's very own NUS. 65% of the syllabus is of course "Brit-based" in the sense that we study English cases (Singapore law being heavily based on English law) but no, we rarely ventured into food matters. :)


On XX and Mr Wang, you guys should read Blue Ocean Strategy".

XX and Mr Wang are not competitors - the markets are different. People who read XX would not want to read Mr Wang; people who read Mr Wang would not want to read XX.

Mr Wang is more interested in exploring blue oceans ... his new fish will be Singaporeans who have never read blogs before; and that's plenty of fish.

Mr Wang's readership is like a growth stock in an emerging market. It tripled in the last nine months. If it triples in the next nine months ..... middle of next year, Mr Wang will be hitting 100,000.

So remember - tell your friends!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Wang,
You said,
"People who read XX would not want to read Mr Wang; people who read Mr Wang would not want to read XX."

sorry to prick your bubble, but i DO read BOTH XX and Mr.Wang.


Anonymous said...

then your sad
bad luck gook

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Some people may read both, but I imagine not many. The other reason why there is no competition between XX and Mr Wang is that because people can easily choose to read more than one blog. It is unlike, say, cameras or hi-fi set, where a person who has just bought a new Canon or a Pioneer is not likely to buy another Nikon or a Panasonic any time soon.

Blueheeler - the hound who sniffs out fishy news said...

Good job sir! Help keep cyberspace lively in S'pore!

Anonymous said...

What is xx?

Anonymous said...

X-rated stuff. That's probably why it's more popular.

Anonymous said...

v said:

sorry to prick your bubble, but i DO read BOTH XX and Mr.Wang.



Half of you is intelligent and half of you is a moron. Guess which is which?

Yes, your choice of blogs reflects your intellectual capacity. Even for entertainment.

Anonymous said...

XX is Xiaxue lah, not "X-rated stuff".

Nothing will ever beat porn for popularity, not Xiaxue, and not Mr Wang either. :)

Anonymous said...

Eh? What happened to the SIA pilots story?

Anonymous said...

"XX is Xiaxue lah, not "X-rated stuff."

Some people just don't get it.

moomooman said...


Wang, I think you are better off not having 30998 unique visitors.

XX??!?!?!?!?!?!? How on earth did XX even warrant a mention here?!?

It's like "Cow Beh Cow Bu" being mentioned in Parliament fews years back. Or "Shit" being mentioned last year in Parliament.

Anonymous said...

I start off each day by reading your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Wat is ur view on this, Mr Wang?



The Straits Times published a letter from the Ministry for Manpower (MOM) on the 28
September 2006 entitled "State-funded pension means higher taxes".

In it, the MOM stated that applying a "state-funded pension system will require raising
taxes for younger working adults and the public to pay for the pensions of retirees."

The MOM further emphasised that "taxing the young to pay for the old will become
unsustainable with our low birth rates and ageing population." MOM added that "our CPF
system is more robust and sustainable" and that "it is also fair."

We agree that passing the liabilities of sustaining a state-funded pension mechanism to
the general public is not fair and constitutes a parasitic strain on our economy.

In 2004, then Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Mr Lee Hsien Loong revealed
in Parliament that when the civil service phased out pensions for most of the public
sector in 1986, the pension scheme was retained for officers in a number of key services,
one of which was the Administrative Service which encompasses key leadership positions in
government ministries and the major statutory boards.

He further illuminated that there existed serving Ministers who continued to receive both
a pension and a salary which is pegged to the top pays in the private sector, upon
reaching the age of 55.

But why must a special group of public servants be privileged? Have our elderly retirees
not worked hard to contribute to the growth of our nation? Are elderly retirees less
deserving of a state-pension than the public servants on pension-scheme?

In view of the above situation which creates a circumstance that is both unfair to
taxpayers and unsustainable for "our low birth rates and ageing population", we will like
to solemnly call for the immediate abolishment of the pension scheme for all
salary-earners in the public service.

We believe that the general public must not be short-changed by the continual
preservation of this archaic implementation which benefits only some highly-paid members
of the public service who are collecting publicly-funded pension.

Not rescinding the scheme immediately will demean the credibility of future assertions
from the Ministry of Manpower.

Central Executive Council
National Solidarity Party
A Member of the Singapore Democratic Alliance

Anonymous said...

Joke aside, what is xx? Can yh or Mr Wang be kind enough enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

xx refers to this blog


Anonymous said...

To anonymous Member of the Singapore Democratic Alliance at Monday, October 02, 2006 4:40:58 PM:

So it's true the hearsay I heard abt ministers continuing to receive pension for their world-class pay (despite their far from world-class performance).

How abt the other hearsay that ministers do not pay taxes for their ministerial pay? Is that true too?

Appreciate if u wld clarify. At least then we would know how much "blood" our MPs are sucking from the plebians, the double-standards that apply throughout Singapore policies.