07 October 2006

Guest Writers

While I'm on blogging leave, I invite guest writers to send me their articles (mrwangsaysso@gmail.com) which I will post on my blog if I think that they are interesting and well-written.

Articles should not exceed 850 words and should be on a topical Singapore matter. I may edit articles for clarity. The writer should write on a topic on which he/she has some expertise, training or personal experience, and separately provide his/her brief biodata (like, 1-3 sentences long) stating his/her relevant background.

If you're not sure whether a certain topic would interest me editorially, don't waste your time writing the whole article first. Send me a short email telling me what your proposed article is about, and I'll tell you whether I would be interested in posting it on my blog.


Anonymous said...


Anything about banking you're keen on? :o)

Anonymous said...

pc: "Anything about banking you're keen on? :o)"

I would be keen if some1 else in banking offers his/her opinions and/or analysis about the economic issues raised by Andy Xie in his private email that got him kicked out of Morgan Stanley.

Notably, his comments quoted by Finance Asia as follow.
1. ASEAN has been a failure. Its GDP in nominal dollar terms has not changed for 10 years.
2. Singapore’s per capita income has not changed either at $25,000.

Of interest is also the following paragraph attributed to Andy Xie's email by
: "Larry Summers and Paul Volker (sic) were very worried about the US economy. As you probably know, Alan Greenspan is talking the same way. At the CLSA conference last week, he talked like one of his critics. There is fear of a US collapse. Many Americans think that an RMB reval (sic) would save the US. This is just a dream, in my view."

Hmm, better not write about the "money laundering centre" comment. It's too hard to prove/disprove... wouldn't want any1 to get into Leegal trouble :P

Thanks very much in advance and look forward to an interesting read.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about music and singaporean musicians.

I went to the Yong Siew Toh open house at NUS today to hear musicians perform, specifically student violinist Loh Jun Hong and pianist Abigail Sin.


The buidling's exterior reminded me of the indoor stadium's and the building's interior reminded me of the Esplanade'a.

Since the 80-seater recital room for the violin performaces was already filled up, I squeezed into the packed rehearsal room to hear Abigail Sin perform.

She was truly professional in her solo performance and she made the piano sound intimidating and that's a real mean feat for any musician. She worked the grand piano as how a grand piano should be worked, as opposed to just being a nice ornament object.

Abigail is 14 and has just been accepted into the conservatory this year. This makes her the youngest undergrad in Singapore, beating violinist Loh Jun Hong who got in at 15.

This is her website. http://www.abigailsin.com

(When will Loh Jun Hong get his own website? And public performance? Support local talents!)

I think it was necessary for the conservatory to showcase the recital and rehearsal rooms to the public and maybe to allow them to get up-close with the performers but I had a little feeling that these two already globe-trotting international performers "required" and deserved the 600-seater shoe-box concert hall(no curtains?) as much as the other performers.

The Conservatory Orchestra performed at the concert hall. I specifically like the sound of the mellow Cellos. It ended with a "Stand Up For Singapore" piece(no kidding) albeit it is the best performace of the piece I have heard so far.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...


How about something about the practical ethical difficulties of financial advisers / insurance agents. :P

Anonymous said...

banking/finance layperson : that sounds like an interesting topic. However, this is an area which I'm not an expert on... while I'm fairly acquainted with the topic, I'm really quite rusty, research-wise. Someone else perhaps?

Mr Wang : Noted. I have addressed this in my own blog previously, but will see what I can do... anyone keen on the recent hoo ha about multiple board rates? still thinking still thinking

Anonymous said...

what about the recent spotlight on how insurance policies/ companies seems to be no longer effective in meeting the retirement needs of the man-in-the-street?