03 October 2006

Firewalking Court Case

M Ravi is the lawyer who has been handling a large number of high-profile civil / constitutional / human rights cases in the past two years. He's the same chap who's been representing Chee Soon Juan in court. Anyway, something strange has been happening to him. I don't know what the real picture is - read this, this and this, and do your own speculation.

I was quite surprised to see the description of another case he has been handling, which concerns the Hindu fire-walking ceremony.
ST Oct 3, 2006
Another M. Ravi case held over in courts

YET another M. Ravi case has stalled in the courts as the lawyer remains warded in hospital.

In the latest case, Mr Ravi has taken on the Hindu Endowments Board and the board of trustees of the Sri Mariamman Temple.

In a suit filed in the High Court on Sept 6, Mr Ravi wants to halt the annual fire-walking ceremony that is scheduled to take place at the temple next Monday.

He claims that the ceremony violates Singapore's Constitution on gender discrimination as women are not allowed to walk across the smouldering coals.

As a result, the ceremony discriminates against women in violation of Hindu ecclesiastical laws, practices and customs, he claims.

The matter was to be heard in chambers yesterday, but Mr Ravi did not attend as he has been warded at Adam Road Hospital, a private psychiatric hospital, since Sept 20.

He has yet to file the required affidavits to support his application.

The court adjourned the case, giving him time to take directions on the filing of supporting documents.

This is the latest in a string of no-shows by the lawyer that have led to postponements of his clients' cases.

The Court of Appeal last week adjourned the hearing of two Falungong followers who wanted a stay of their trial in the Subordinate Courts.

Last month, a hearing into Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's defamation suit against the Chee siblings - Singapore Democratic Party chief Chee Soon Juan and his sister Siok Chin - was postponed as Mr Ravi was sick. The court ruled against the Chees the following day.

In the latest case, Senior Counsel K. Shanmugam, who is acting for the defendants, told The Straits Times: 'I'm trying to understand what exactly is the point being made. In my view, there are no merits in this application.'

In Singapore, women do not walk across the coals but instead walk around the fire pit.
Like Shanmugam, I too am unsure of the point. Are there any Hindu women out there who would like to comment?

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Anonymous said...

As far as i know, traditionally indian women don't walk on the fire coals as their sarees may get caught on fire.

But, in certain parts of the world, like Malaysia and India, many women do walk on the coals.

I don't see the point why M.Ravi wants to bring this up in the courts. The number of women who do want to walk on coals during the ceremony is extremely negligible.

I know this because i have participated in this ceremony a number of times.

It's just like another case when a group of Indians were handing out a petition during Thaipusam for the government to declare Thiapusam a national holiday.

No point really.

Anonymous said...

In the 19th century, the number of women who want to vote, is thought to be negligible also.

Anonymous said...

I think this particular article deserves mention as well. What it documents is shocking, but do take it with a pinch of salt as well, as the source is rather biased.


Anonymous said...

I think the source started becoming biased after the Singapore government sort of slap their wrist or something.

Action, reaction, simple.

Anonymous said...

Put it simply

M Ravi was forced into Woodbridge by the PAP.

Guys, do you remember Robert Ho few years back?

Sama Sama.

Nothing new in the oppression of the PAP.

Anonymous said...

You must read the Singabloodypore posts more carefully. It seems that the Epoch Times journalist himself wrote on his own blog that he observed several episodes of Ravi lapsing into periods of irrational behaviour; then the Epoch Times journalist decided to remove his own blog posts. SIngabloodypore, however, still has accounts of the two Falungong persons who apparently also noted Ravi's irrational behaviour.

nofearSingapore said...

Adam Road Hospital is a private hospital.
I think it is part of Pacific Healthcare.
It certainly is not Woodbridge ( or now labelled Inst. of Mental Health (IMH)).
If I am not wrong, if the govt would forcefully commit anyone to a mental institution, it would more likely be to IMH and not a private hospital. ( but I may be wrong). I will check with some psychiatrist friends and update you guys.


Anonymous said...

I am the Robert HO. I was indeed SEVERAL TIMES forced by police coming to my flat to handcuff me, forced me into a police car, locked up in a police cell for hours, usually in a padded cell, WITHOUT BEING RECORDED OFFICIALLY OR INTERVIEWED OR TOLD WHAT MY OFFENCE IS, THEN DRIVEN TO IMH TO BE FORCED AFTER A PERFUNCTORY INTERVIEW, INTO A PSYCHIATRIC WARD WITH REALLY MAD PEOPLE. Usual length of stay about a dozen days. Then, the psychiatrists would have seen me about twice [once a week] and order my release. However, during this forced incarceration, I WOULD BE PUMPED FULL OF POWERFUL ANTI-PSYCHOTIC DRUGS, FAR MORE THAN THE MINUSCULE AMOUNT I NORMALLY TAKE, RESULTING IN IMMEDIATE SIDE EFFECTS BEGINNING TO TAKE HOLD. All these happened several times. Just speculating, I know from experience that you can beam handphone-like radio waves into someone's brain in the flat below you to cause brain malfunctions, in my case dizzy head-spinning sensations as well as direct shot to the eyes to be blinded by a white flash [I was trying to sleep on the sofa facing the wall; tv not on] that blinded me for a minute or so. Plus other 'radiation' attacks on other organs. I have detailed some of these attacks in soc.culture.singapore Just search there using the search terms RH: LKY crimes and you will see the almost unbelievable instances of PAP crimes against me, my son and my little niece. It has been a 15 year vendetta for the only crime of fighting back and not crawling. LKY hates my guts and my brains. And my exposure of him rigging the Cheng San GRC election in 1997 eyewitnessed by my acquaintance Mr David DUCLOS and his lawyer friend.

moomooman said...

Robert Ho,

"Just speculating, I know from experience that you can beam handphone-like radio waves into someone's brain in the flat below you to cause brain malfunctions"

Now I know why you are in IMH.

moomooman said...


Don't you need to have a plaintiff before you can bring someone to court?

In this instance, is M. Ravi the plaintiff?

If he listed himself as the plaintiff, and he is not a woman, then where is the case heading?

Does court even hear such cases at all if on the surface, there isn't any merit?

Anonymous said...

I am all for thaipusam being declared a national holiday. Infact when papalee keels over, I hope minilee make that a national holiday too. Just so we can all go out and celebrate.

Anonymous said...

There is a point.

"If he listed himself as the plaintiff, and he is not a woman, then where is the case heading?"

Erm? You don't need to be a member of a discriminated group in order to file a case against reported discrimination.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

You do, actually. It's called "locus standi". Generally you can sue in court only if you have a right or interest which has been infringed (or you think you have such a right or interest).

Anonymous said...

MooMooMan, you don't believe that our cops and ISD can see through walls? And also radiate my organs through my ceiling? Do this Google search using the search term "see through walls" and you will realise that cops have these devices even from the 1970s:

North Bay News and Weather on BayToday.ca
The Angel Light—Hurtubise claims the concept came to him in a recurring dream—can reportedly see through walls, as if there was no barrier at all. ...
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Researchers build gadget to see through walls | The Register
Researchers build gadget to see through walls ... British boffins have developed a radar-based system that can see through walls and behind closed doors. ...
www.theregister.co.uk/2003/06/19/researchers_build_gadget_to_see/ - 28k - Cached - Similar pages

SPACE.com -- First Image from Revolutionary T-ray Camera; Sees ...
Detecting T-rays allows a camera to effectively see through smoke, walls and even clothing or bandages. Low frequency versions of terahertz waves are known ...
www.space.com/businesstechnology/technology/t-ray_camera_020613.html - 51k - Cached - Similar pages

This New Radar Can See Through Walls
How new technologies are modifying our way of life.
www.primidi.com/2004/07/02.html - 25k - Cached - Similar pages

BBC NEWS | Technology | Inventor plans 'invisible walls'
The inventor of an "invisibility" cloak has said that his next project will be to develop the technology to allow people to see through walls. ...
news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/3791795.stm - 32k - Cached - Similar pages

Through-the-Wall Surveillance (TWS)
Although human eyes cannot see through walls, in reality, most walls are fairly transparent to radar or radio frequencies. The capability of radar signals ...
www.ottawa.drdc-rddc.gc.ca/html/RS-216-tws_e.html - 19k - Cached - Similar pages

AFRL-IF News Release Logo AFRL-R 03-09 AFRL Developing Technology ...
"The technologies we are using to see through walls are the same as we are using for detecting concealed weapons." Through-the-Wall Surveillance (TWS) ...
www.rl.af.mil/div/IFO/IFOI/IFOIPA/press_history/pr-03/pr-03-09.html - 4k - Cached - Similar pages

WorldNetDaily: Israeli invention sees through walls
One other company, Time Domain, now also uses ultra-band technology to see through walls, but Camero's technology is considered superior in several ...
worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=39246 - 32k - Cached - Similar pages

7 New Stud Finders Let You See Through Walls - Popular Mechanics
7 New Stud Finders Let You See Through Walls. These sensors let you see inside walls. Published in the July, 2004 issue. Page 1 2 Next » ...
www.popularmechanics.com/home_improvement/tools/1274376.html - 37k - Cached - Similar pages

Cambridge Consultants - Through-wall vision technology promises a ...
Cambridge Consultants Ltd (CCL) has successfully demonstrated a radical new type of radar technology that can ‘see through walls’. The low frequency radar ...
www.cambridgeconsultants.com/news_pr90.shtml - 45k - Cached - Similar pages

Google Result Page:


Anonymous said...

The only people deserved to be locked up in a padded cell are the PAP megalomaniacs and their bunch of obedient, subservient Nazi-like oppressors.

Not the first time, nor will it be the last.

But I believe in karma, and Mr. Karma will catch up in a little while.

Anonymous said...

Karma, what Karma. Even the freaking devil is afraid he'll get banned, sued and labelled a mad man.

Anonymous said...

According to singaporeelection.blogspot.com, Ravi is held against his will.

Adam Road also got chalet. I wonder if they have as much space as Buangkok chalet. It is supposed to have only 49 beds.

Anonymous said...

If MooMooMan is still not convinced, here are Google search results, all 22,400, for the search term "see through wall devices TWS" [TWS stands for Through the Wall Surveillance, a very long ago developed series of technologies that are now so advanced you can not only see through walls, but radiate the victim's organs to cause fatal heart attacks, strokes, etc. In my case, they 'only' blind me temporarily, dizzy my head, headache me, DAILY radiate me into sleeplessness [sleep deprivation is a daily form of attack on me and a favourite of all secret police], etc, etc, etc :--

robert.ic019@gmail.com | Search History | My Account | Sign out
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[PDF] Through-the-Wall Surveillance Technologies
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www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/07_01.pdf - Similar pages

[PDF] Sensor and Surveillance Technologies
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Through-the-wall surveillance (TWS) for locating and/or tracking ... and other vital signs, devices to “see” through walls and into enclosed spaces to ...
www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/sl000715.pdf - Similar pages

AFRL-IF News Release Logo AFRL-R 03-09 AFRL Developing Technology ...
"The technologies we are using to see through walls are the same as we are using for detecting concealed weapons." Through-the-Wall Surveillance (TWS) ...
www.rl.af.mil/div/IFO/IFOI/IFOIPA/press_history/pr-03/pr-03-09.html - 4k - Cached - Similar pages

[PDF] An Overview of Through the Wall Surveillance for Homeland Security
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
advanced Through the Wall Surveillance (TWS). technologies. These technologies are partitioned ... can be applied, via productized devices, to accomplish ...
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Technology: Myths, Reality, and the Legal Implications
Hand-held device that uses random flashing green laser light to disorient and distract a person ... "See through the Walls" Sticky Shocker Ring Airfoil ...
www.aele.org/technology2-01.html - 20k - Cached - Similar pages

[PDF] PowerPoint Presentation
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See through walls/other materials. • See What? ... Integrate with Position Location Device for friendlies ... dependent info such as through wall image ...
www.onr.navy.mil/about/events/docs/83_MCSYSCOM_TUS_brief.pdf - Similar pages

Proposal Title: Through-Wall Sensing (TWS) Technologies for Dismounted Infantry. ABSTRACT: Time Domain Coporation (TDC) will develop a man-portable device ...
www.darpa.mil/sbir/20041SBIRAwards.html - 161k - Cached - Similar pages

[PDF] War-winning technology provided by AFRL’s Sensors Directorate
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
see through walls are the same as we are using for detecting. concealed weapons.” Through-the-Wall Surveillance (TWS) research uses a vari- ...
www.afrl.af.mil/news/feb03/feb_2003.pdf - Similar pages

thermal infrared weapon sight, thermal rifle scope
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nofearSingapore said...

Hi all,
I have just checked with a psychiatrist and as I thought, it is highly unlikely that Ravi would be committed by the authorities to a private hospital like Adam Rd Hospital.
If they needed to, it would be to an institution like the IMH.


Anonymous said...

IMH is for when the goons are going to charge. 'Remanded for observation' is the phrase.

Maybe with Ravi, it is because he is being detained without cause. Read he was flying off to UNHCR or something.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...


I felt I had to delete your last comment because it looked somewhat defamatory.

Which is not to say that any or all of the defamatory-looking statements are necessarily untrue (note the old NKF cases), but perhaps only that they are unlikely to be capable of being proven to be true.

EnerNorth case - the Canadian company won, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Wang, I understand your deleting my post and your acknowledgement that it may all be true and therefore not defamatory. If any of your readers want to know what has been deleted, they are welcome to email me for a private reply email of the exact texts that you have deleted. They only need to email me to "Ask for the deleted post out of curiosity" and I will reply email the exact text. My email is: robert.ic019@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Wang, Oh, by the way, you are doing a great job with your incisive thinking in your blogs. A real pleasure and mental stimulation to read you. By the way, Mr Wingfield, the lawyer in the Canada case, is appealing all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada to prove that our judiciary is far less than perfect. His arguments will be published online in the same website and it promises to be fascinating reading.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...


If you like, you can also set up your blog, post your own articles ... then you can post a link on my blog.

Normally that will send a decent number of readers your way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Wang,

Why did you say "EnerNorth case - the Canadian company won, by the way"?

Sorry I am typical layman. My limited understanding from reading the wikipedia entry is that Enernorth lost since "Enernorth's appeal was dismissed by the Ontario Court of Appeal by decision dated June 9, 2006".


Please help enlighten. Thanks!

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Oops, I actually meant to say that the Singapore company won, or the Canadian company lost, not that the Canadian company won. My error.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Wang, I used to write a lot years back in Singaporeans For Democracy and soc.culture.singapore but have stopped writing lately because no 'new' outrages have been committed on me, my son and my little niece since 'they' are merely repeating the same criminal attacks every day and every night and I have learned to live with these. Or at least, I would bore everybody with repetitious postings of the same criminal attacks [from death threats to criminal intimidation and actual vandalism of my DVD players, lightings, aircons, ceiling burst pipes, to actual physical violence such as ramming into me with a shopping cart at Giant Hypermarket in IMM, that nearly broke my right wrist]. When 'they' pass remarks AT me, usually Hokkien terms like KNN and Ah Kua, there is really nothing I can do. I have documented all these for posterity in soc.culture.singapore where a search using my initials [ RH: ] will throw up 10,100 results. If any reader wants to be more specific, he can type in the search term [ RH: LKY crimes ] and these will produce 194 results, most of these my postings of criminal attacks on me and family. Thus, future historians will find the crimes committed on me, my son and my little niece pretty well documented. History is the best judge and no power on earth can rewrite history.

As for any remaining doubters that the cops can 'see through walls' and also can kill without trace through walls, I have below found a short webpage describing what electromagnetic rays are. Basically, electromagnetic [EM] waves range from long radio waves of about 10 to the power of 4 centimetres wavelength to as short as 10 to the power of MINUS 12 centimetres gamma rays wavelength.

OUR EYES 'SEES' ONLY A TINY FRACTION OF THE EXISTING EM WAVES. Thus we cannot see through walls because the range of EM waves we see by cannot penetrate walls but most other wavelengths do. So a suitable device that can produce an image using a suitable frequency of EM waves that do pass through walls can thus produce crystal clear video pictures of everything through walls. And can 'see' clearly even if we within the room have all the lights off and in total darkness. And also radiate a victim's body organs, from nightly waking me and keeping me awake sometimes for hours, as well as having 'fun' with me by making my penis go limp right in the middle of sex. 'They' have made the DEGRADATION OF ME a game to be enjoyed by those in their coterie. Until this happened to me, I had always thought that governments are serious, respectable, entities with corporate and institutional wisdom that would never act purely on the basis of personal interest, for selfish interests, or to viciously enjoy inflicting hurt and DEGRADATION purely for self-aggrandising reasons. I never thought any government would stoop so low as to benefit from DEGRADING me or to even enjoy the spectacle of DEGRADING a human being. Which is what this is all about. A private vendetta of 15 years all because I fight back and refused to crawl.

Anyway, as for 'see through wall devices', Google gives 29,700,000 results. As for 'TWS through wall surveillance, Google gives 9,840 results. I think I have made my point.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot and I don't think I posted this before in soc.culture.singapore that these assassination devices that can see through any walls or ceilings/floors, etc, ARE AS SMALL AS A BRIEFCASE AND CAN BE OPERATED ON BATTERIES OR STORED POWER.

I know because I have been 'radiated' from cars parked behind and nearby. Once, in Forum Galleria, I had just parked my car in the basement and got out when an overpowering urge to defaecate struck me and a car honked nearby [their usual way of stressing me and to 'tell' me that they 'did it']. I only barely managed to run to the toilet to shit before I soiled my pants, which was the intention. Only by superhuman effort did I avoided soiling my entire pants.

I have also been radiated into dizzy head-spinning from a car parked behind me. Thus, these devices are small enough to fit into a briefcase and can be operated on stored power.

Talking about cars, in addition to smearing shit on my car [actually my wife's car since I have been prevented from earning a living for the past 15 years due to this campaign], a few weeks ago, 'they' tried to smash my front windscreen while I was driving on the PIE near the Police Academy. Something like a steel ball bearing struck my windscreen with such force I jumped. Fortunately, the whole windscreen did not smash and there was only a centimetre long crack radiating from the impact site, which I am not repairing. Luckily, windscreens are robustly made, with layers of glass and non-shattering layers, etc, so my windscreen didn't shatter like they intended. Yet another atrocity documented for posterity.

I have spent probably well over a thousand dollars repairing/replacing property they have deliberately vandalised, from DVD players to aircon motors. They even criminally threatened to vandalise my $7,000 plasma tv but haven't done it yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised by having equipment see through walls, but I don't think affecting your organs is within scope, unless they're releasing huge amounts of radiation into your flat, which would seem pretty elaborate when they could just arrest you.

Anonymous said...

jrs: "which would seem pretty elaborate when they could just arrest you".

Ya, even if technically possible, why would they bother? Esp, when much cheaper and "traceless" alternatives exist, such as "bomoh". No kidding, an acquaintance noted the use of it in a high-profile commercial court case here ("bomoh or whatever" was actually sitting in the court).

Anonymous said...

Are you the real Robert Ho or someone trying to prove that Robert Ho has is really a cuckoo..as he wass labelled.

Anonymous said...

Read my soc.culture.singapore postings or email me or Mr Wang for the deleted post. As for why LKY is doing all these to me, my son and my niece, it's because he is very, very concerned [and he should be] about his place in the history of this little red dot. He wants to go down in history as a 'great man' and so cannot arrest or kill me or my family members. Not when the whole world is watching. So he HURTS AS MUCH AS HE POSSIBLY CAN WITHIN THE LIMITATIONS OF A WATCHING WORLD. Same reason why he does not simply arrest Dr Chee Soon Juan and put him away for 32 years like Mr Chia Thye Poh and others. His days of indefinite jailing of victims are over, WITH THE WORLD WATCHING and all he can do is to inflict the maximum hurt that a watching world will stand for and allow. He is well aware that any orders to jail without trial under the Internal Security Act or to murder a victim like me will quickly be publicised and the ensuing stink will affect his Son's reputation and moral authority to remain top dog. You do understand all this, don't you? If not, you are probably a PAP stooge trying to destroy my credibility.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I'm a 16 year old who is actually quite the anti-establishment figure.

But really, there are much more sensible ways to do maximum hurt - like a lawsuit. There are also low-key ways to do so - what you are suggesting they are doing would be too conspicuous to not get noticed by neighbours.

The world doesn't watch. They hardly did anything when Gomez was arrested, or when Mdm Chee was treated like a wild animal.

My sympathies, but I think you're just paranoid. It may not be your fault after all the trauma you've gone through, but I suggest getting counselling.

Anonymous said...

Dear John Riemann Soong, You chose not to believe me, which means that you imply that I am either lying [which I do not, I assure you] so I must be mad, which I have proven I am not. So your questioning my sanity is leaning very PAP, a favourite desperate PAP tactic.

Anyway, your lack of understanding of Physics is showing. IT DOES NOT TAKE A LOT OF RADIATION TO AFFECT OR DAMAGE OR DESTROY MY ORGANS. You carry a handphone in your pocket. Everywhere you go, it regularly and frequently passes radio waves between your handphone and the nearest cellular base stations and these signals pass through walls and ceilings and your body as well. Does that take massive radiation? No, we are assured that it is all safe levels. You can check these levels online with a simple Google.

Does it take a lot of trouble to radiate my organs? No. Cost? No.

In a USA TODAY article I read years ago, the writer described Through The Wall Seeing Devices and wrote that the police had them LONG BEFORE 1984 [title of the famous book] and that at that time, the cost of each device was a mere few thousand dollars each. So, every police force can afford them, although these are probably not for retail sale. [But if you are interested, try online. You might get lucky].

Thus, for the price of a high-end laptop, the police can see you and kill you without trace.

90% of our population live in A MERE FEW THOUSAND high-rises from HDB or private condos. I believe that the ISD HAS ISD OPERATIVE FAMILIES LIVING IN EVERY BLOCK OF HIGH RISE. Certainly, when I was living in Block 203 Bukit Batok, there were TWO CID families living above me. When I moved to my current condo unit, the ISD moved here, too, above me. You underestimate LKY's willingness to spend any money and go to any trouble to consolidate his power for his dynasty. It's not HIS money he is spending but OURS. So he spares no money or trouble [which is just more money] to keep under surveillance anybody, from the President's Scholar [as potential spouses for his dynastic children] to even those like me, never security threats but somehow came under surveillance and never taken off the lists. Thus, I believe that every single block of the 5,000+ or so blocks in Singapore has ISD families living in it, watching everybody in turn to compile their records and risk assessments. You follow?

Anonymous said...

Robert Ho,

Didn't your wife promise the court that you would continue treatment for your mental condition in return for the dropping of the suit? Are you still taking your meds?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, you seem to know a lot about me, or you have a super memory, remembering everything about me. So much so I must presume that you indeed know the Truth about what I am writing but feel that as a PAP person, you need to attempt to discredit my credibility.

As I have posted in soc.culture.singapore, search using the search term [RH: LKY crimes] the election in Cheng San GRC 1997 was rigged. I have posted details of this in soc.culture.singapore The only thing I did not post then was my eyewitnesses' name and contacts, which is Mr David DUCLOS, a Singaporean Eurasian, Catholic, a former Police Inspector and a former senior executive in the PSA, about 56-57 years old now. He eyewitnessed the electoral fraud in the Cheng San GRC election of 1997 TOGETHER WITH HIS LAWYER FRIEND. Email me for the details. Mr DUCLOS name, address and telephone number are in the phone book and if you are burning to know the truth, snailmail or phone him, as Dr CHEE Soon Juan did and behold the Truth, ever shining into the dark recesses of the criminals who populate this island and who try to hide their misdeeds by force and devious smokescreen like you just did above. I am thoroughly famliar with these PAP tactics as I have encountered these all the time in soc.culture.singapore and elsewhere. Calling me a liar is difficult because I don't lie. And I have too much evidence. So calling my sanity into question is the only tactic left. Tsk, tsk. So pathetically imaginative.

Anonymous said...

RH: Oh, may I add that everyone in my family and even in-laws are also being watched 24 hours a day. I know because I have a brother in law by the name of Sunny KOU Kin Wah who teaches French in the MOE Language Centre.

He gives private tuition to some of his secondary school students, as well as adults at tuition centres.

Once, he was staying alone at a private one-room flat in Geylang, which he was fond of, being quite bohemian and flying as often as he could to enjoy Bangkok's night life. He was giving French tuition to one secondary school girl and it was apparent to the secret police watching him that he might take sexual advantage of her, he being quite bohemian. So the secret police got his male teacher friend to warn him in no uncertain terms, that taking sexual advantage of an underaged secondary school girl, his student, was a very serious offence.

Thus, he was warned off. So, he, too, is under 24 hour surveillance. HOW MANY OF US ARE, TOO? is a good question. I was never a security threat all my life but came under 24 hour surveillance. HOW MANY OF US? How much money is LKY spending to maintain his stranglehold on us? LHL was the minister in charge during the infamous 'marxist conspiracy' which saw 22 mostly Catholics imprisoned. So, LHL will probably continue his father's use of the secret police to consolidate his power and maintain his stranglehold over the people. HOW MANY OF US ARE UNDER 24 HOUR SURVEILLANCE? The answer may just be, just about everybody.

Anonymous said...


RH: In the above 1-hour presentation by University of California on Sleep, Waking and Arousal, [UCTV lecture series] a research scientist explains the consequences of sleep deprivation.

He mentions that it takes only two and half WEEKS of continuous sleep deprivation to kill lab mice. Detailed autopsies of the dead mice find no cause of death such as heart failure or stroke, etc. So lack of sleep kills.

Also mentioned are the facts that even when the mice are allowed to sleep but deprived only of REM sleep, they also die, although this takes longer than two and a half weeks.

Also, our immune system, which keeps us healthy and relatvely free from illnesses and diseases are severely reduced by sleep deprivation. This reduced immunity can cause diseases such as cancers, flus, infections, and other illnesses and diseases.

Thus, LKY sleep deprivation attacks on me and sometimes my loved ones, in my case for 15 years already, reduces our health and makes us more susceptible to cancers and other diseases. Murder by slow methods is still murder and they know full well the consequences of long term 15 year sleep deprivation.

They have been extremely callous and evil, to torture an innocent, helpless man thus. But history is on my side. The Truth will out. My story will be written and published one day and the evil doers will be shamed as they are shamed even now by right-thinking folks.

I have been so stressed out by 15 years of sleep deprivation attacks as well as other psychological and physical attacks, that my urine has long turned dark brown, the colour of tea, which I did not even notice until my wife noticed it and mentioned it in surprise. Stresss produces stress hormones and elevated stress over long 15 years means that my body systems are probably damaged by the overproduction of stress hormones like cortisol, which overproduction has harmed my bodily functions for so long.

Sleep deprivation also reduces my memory functions as well as other brain functions, so important it is to sleep enough. Every animal sleeps and even dolphins sleep while staying afloat using one half of its brain at a time while the other half sleeps. Scientists still do not know why we need to sleep although they know unanimously that lack of proper sleep harms the body severely and even kills the animal in as little as a few weeks.

LKY and his evil doers know all this but still continue to deprive me of proper sleep. They are real evil doers. Like Prof Krugman says, "Politicians are the only professional class of criminals."