08 August 2006

Singapore Makes International News Again!

The little red dot makes a splash in the big ocean again. We are mentioned in Voice of America, Guardian Unlimited (the UK), INQ7.Net (Philippines), China Post (Taiwan) and Men's News Daily. From the China Post article:
Roby Alampay, executive director of the Bangkok-based watchdog Southeast Asian Press Alliance, noted that the latest move came ahead of next month's annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) hosted by Singapore.

"The truth ... has always been known that Singapore is intolerant of too many questions and prying eyes. The real context here, we believe, is the upcoming IMF-WB meeting in Singapore," he told AFP by e-mail.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the punishment for projecting the humane side of Dr Chee. Don't we all know, in the eyes of the gov't, Chee is supposed to be a raving lunatic and not someone who has a small daughter and will stand up for his father!

First the Mr Brown saga and now this. Anyone who thinks the PAP is relaxing the rules or becoming more "hip" has to be mad.

Anonymous said...

Hip replacement procedures are very much in vogue.

Anonymous said...

And as Shakira said: Hips don't lie.

And liars are those who say one thing and do another. Get my drift?

Anonymous said...

Fuck up PAP. Gay & Lame is much better for them than tryin to be something which they are INCAPABLE of.

Please for Fuck's sake, Fuck off, stop your lame shows.