26 August 2006

Art Against AIDS

A prizewinning entry from the 2002 Arts Against AIDS competition. Its creator, Poh Maolin, said:

"The idea of this poster was taken from an actual free sex advertisement on a wall in Geylang. By deleting the word 'sex' and replacing it with 'AIDS', I wish to warn the public that casual sex increases the risk of HIV infection. The feel of the poster is dark and dirty to emphasise the risk further."

This year's competition includes categories for digital art, photography and animation. To take part, click here. This post is brought to you as part of Mr Wang's free publicity programme for worthy causes.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I sat on the last seat in a bus yesterday and saw many 'free sex' "advertisements" scribbled on the back of the seat in front of me.

Having seen this creative ad on Mr. Wang's blog, I had a strong urge to cancel out the word 'sex' and write 'AIDS' in its place. But I didn't do so for fear of being charged with vandalism. Maybe SBS and SMRT can do so in their buses.