23 August 2006

National Youth Environment Forum 2006


This latest publicity request comes from ECO Singapore. They are organising the National Youth Environment Forum, for Singaporeans aged between 17 and 30. The focus is on sustainable living; the aim is to challenge youths to rethink existing policies on environmental issues; and the topics include Energy and Climate Change; Biodiversity and Nature Conservation; and Poverty and Population.

The event will be held on 2 Sep 2006 at SMU. Bring along your ideas and opinions. To sign up or find out more, click here.

This post is brought to you as part of Mr Wang's free publicity programme for worthy causes.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Wang, is it 17 to 25, or 17 to 30 ah?

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

It's 17 to 30, despite what the banner says ... Organisers have decided to expand the age range.

le radical galoisien said...

I suppose it doesn't matter since I don't have a chance to visit anyway, but are they going to ask for NRIC or something?

I mean, 16 year old can pose as 17 year old right?

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

I think the main idea of the event is that firstly they educate youths generally about sthe issues.

Secondly, they get various other environment NGOs (eg Nature Society etc) to talk about their own plans and initiatives and where they need help.

Then the youths are invited to sign up and join the groups which are working on the initiatives that the youths are most interested in.

It is quite interesting because the focus is on policy-making and the end result is that these youth groups will get to push ideas out to the Environment Ministry ...