09 July 2006

A READ! Singapore Event

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Anonymous said...

hi mr wang,

saw this from a thread in rockson


its a response from one of the ministers on MrBrown's column.

Was wondering if you feel that there is something worth talking about in his response.

I note his emphasis on working together to find solutions to problems.

He also used the word distort but note that he did not explicitly say distort the truth.

I do realise that
1) this topic has been done to death over the past few days, but my interest is in the differences between the response from the minister and the Bhavani reply

2) this comment is not relevant to the topic of this post

Hence i apologise on those 2 counts.

le radical galoisien said...

gold: yes, it is the entire "the government is not homogeneous" principle. This exactly shows why representing the views of Bhavani as the entire views of "The Government" is wrong on English, political correctness and technical levels.

Also this reminds me: does the NLB apply for "permits" to hold these kind of "assemblies"? I mean, I would think that sometimes because of lack of separation of powers the organisers might assume they don't have to apply for permit because their superiors won't call them out on it.

But if we ever find out they never applied for such permits we highlight this?

Anonymous said...

what is NLB?


Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

National Library Board ....

By the way, "Tuesdays with Morrie: is really a rather good book. I recommend it.