20 July 2006

Mr Wang is in the I.S Magazine


I just found out that I was mentioned in last week's I.S Magazine. That's the free magazine you can sometimes pick up at cafes, dental clinics and airport lounges - where else, I don't know. I.S Magazine was recommending Singapore blogs worth reading.

Under the "Clever & Witty" section, I.S recommended Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi. There was a brief allusion to Mr Brown's recent saga - "Now that we can no longer read former Today columnist Mr Brown in print, we need to go to his website to hear his satirical voice". Under the "Brain Juices" section, well, I.S Magazine said:
"For hefty intellectual analyses of local current issues, check out http://i-speak.blogdrive.com by a young Singaporean [Mr Wang's note - that's Gayle Goh]. The more than one-year-old blog http://commentarysingapore.blogspot.com offers opinions on home issues from a lawyer's perspective. Besides notes on law and the media, other interesting bits such as why spirituality ties in with business are also explored. http://singabloodypore.blogspot.com is a similar blog discussing what goes on here and beyond, mostly with news bits taken from various sources and multimedia presentations. Another blog to look out for is http://www.yawningbread.org. This blog provides its take on social issues, from the reality of bird flu and takes on sexuality to the soccer mania phenomenon."
I don't remember writing anything about why spirituality ties in with business. Hmmm. I.S Magazine probably meant this post of mine, about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. But that wasn't the point of the post at all.

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Update: IS Magazine is online as well. The article is here.


Mezzo said...

That article was written by the new I.S. unpaid interns, I believe. The internship is one of those "with a view to a job later", if I recall correctly.

Anonymous said...

A bone to pick:

"Another blog to look out for is http://www.yawningbread.org. This blog provides its take on social issues, from the reality of bird flu and takes on sexuality to the soccer mania phenomenon."

Sigh...... can't they just say that the site champions _gay_ rights?

Anyone who had even a casual look at the site will know that its over-all theme is gay rights in Singapore.

Self-censorship is alive and well.

(BTW, it is technically NOT a blog. It is a collection of essays. Yawning Bread has recently set up a blog called Yawning Bread Sampler, so we shall see if the author will migrate to a full blog in the future.)

Have a look at Mr Wang's "Our Ever-Reliable Nation-Building Press".

Anonymous said...

Yawningbread's Alex is unashamed to be what he is: "a gay activist". Having said that, while I enjoy his writings, my own upbringing causes me to flinch from his gay leanings, like some of his photos of men with bare torsos. Why do gay men like to expose their bodies so much? And must they kiss in public? Even heterosexual Asian couples are more discreet in expressing their affections. Can you, in your heart of hearts, tell your young children they are "just like you and me", to quote Goh Chok Tong's embarassing words?

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Heheh. And you've never seen any website with photos of women with bare torsos?

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

By the way, I must recommend this article by Yawning Bread. About a redlight district in Singapore - fear not, it's all heterosexual - no indecent pictures, well-researched and quite educational for me at least.

wert said...

lau min-tsek :

I think you are asking for too much. The article is fairly neutral and accurate. I am afraid that this is the very best they can do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Andy,

it is indeed distressing for me to know that "torso baring" is a sign of homosexuality.

Gee, I wonder how did Playboy and FHM find all these lesbians to model for them.

*** sob..... heterosexual dreams of FHM models shattered ***

Anonymous said...

For a moment, Porcorosso was worried that Mr W was reading I.S magazine but all is well now we know it was your CEO who referred you to it ...

Anonymous said...

I am constantly being defiled by all these hetrosexual filth... its time to take the tiger beer girls away...!

oh please.. as though good looking str8 males don't do the torso baring thing?

and as though females don't do the midriff baring thing...

you see only what you see...

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Porco, don't publicly say things like "CEO referred Mr Wang to I.S Magazine". Like the PAP, senior management must always uphold a certain image. :P

Anonymous said...

Hmm, you learn something new everyday. How come Tiger Beer ads at the kopitiams always feature scantily clad females, and not scantily clad males? Do gays drink beer?

Anonymous said...

Because most men are not gay, obviously. So ads in the general mainstream media will target straight men, not gays. It makes much better commercial sense.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and also because more men drink beer than women.

If more women than men drank beer, then Tiger Beer ads would probably feature more cute guys.

Anonymous said...

but your Chief Entertaintment Officer is not senior management ... :)

Joseph Chiang said...

Let's hope that more people will read these blogs instead of STOMP.

wert said...

Mr Wong :

Do you have any fear of this?

How to blog - and keep your job

Anonymous said...

aiyah Mr Wang don't need to worry about keeping his job lah.

He got spirituality to do business mah, IS say one wat, right or not?!

Anonymous said...

Hello Wert boy boy - you velly naughty huh, teach my son to blog during office hours!

Sigh - what has the world become today!!??

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Wang

Last year, over a 100 volunteers, mostly with disabilities, put up "A Nation In Concert" at the Esplanade. We are back by popular demands on 9 Sept this year. Behind the show, there are many stories that will make you indiginated.

Check it out:

Care to talk?

Producer....a volunteer too.