16 June 2006

More on Char's Case

I do not personally know Char, the blogger of Zombie Christ notoriety. But anyway he put me in the bcc: list of an email that he sent to Zakir Hussain, the ST journalist who wrote about his case. The email is here and gives some insight into Char's side of the story.


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans want later retirement age...

I would like to hear your take on this issue... as well as the way that the article was reported. Thank you. (link to today's article below




Anonymous said...

Poll shows 41% ready to work past age of 62

What kind of reporting is that? 41% is hardly a majority! Why didn't they report 59% do not want later retirement? Or how about 33.4% of Singaporeans want an alternative goverment?

Anonymous said...

so if what he says is true, then it looks like we have the real reason why the person lodged the complaint.

i mean if he were really truely offended, he should call his ISP to insist that they block all the objectionable content all over the net that he's ever come across.