27 June 2006

If It Wasn't So Sad, It Would Be Funny

One of my readers pointed this out to me. Thank you, Chiok Wee. In the Straits Times Forum today, we have this letter:
ST Forum, June 27, 2006
Hindi movie gives negative impression of Singapore

This is regarding the newly released Hindi movie, Krissh, which was shot mostly in Singapore.

In fact in the credits, it thanks the Singapore Tourism Board. But it is sad to see that Singapore is portrayed in a bad light.

When the hero lands in Singapore, he is standing outside Changi Airport when two bikers come along and try to snatch his bag away.

Having lived in Singapore for 10 years I know such things never ever happen here.

But those who have never visited the country would have a false and negative impression of it after seeing the movie.

Nafisa Quresh Bengali (Ms)

Alas, also in the Straits Times today, we have the following article:
ST June 27, 2006
Frustrated snatch thief bashes woman's head
Even after she fell, 65-year-old held onto bag seized by man
By Leong Su-Lin

WHEN a motorcycle pillion rider got off his vehicle and made a grab for Madam Tam Pow Choi's handbag in Jurong late on Sunday night, the feisty 65-year-old refused to let go.

She held onto her bag even as she fell onto the pavement and was dragged along.

Frustrated, the thief removed his helmet and bashed her head with it.

It was only then that she let go of her bag, she said, recalling that 'everything went dark and I almost fainted'. She came to in time to see him making his getaway on the motorcycle with her bag.


About 150 elderly people fell victim to robberies and snatch thefts last year. In 2004, 153 cases were reported.

Police spokesman Victor Keong urged victims not to resist their attackers if confronted but should take note of the culprit's appearance.

Witnesses to this snatch theft should call the police on 1800-255-0000.

"But I don't like reality TV shows."

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The Negative Man said...

I seriously believe now that movies need to be screened with a very, very large (and bolded with red) disclaimer.

"Everything in this film is bloody fiction. By watching this film you have agreed to treat this as fiction. If you do not wish to treat the events featured in this film as fiction, please leave the theatre immediately."

Anonymous said...

This is what you get for First World government....
First World Crime......
Crime rate has went up compared to the 80s and 90s......and it is getting more violent and disturbing

Anonymous said...

I hope the unit that investigated James Gomez Case get assigned to all the most difficult crimes.

This is because they conducted one of the most efficient and hardworking police operation in Singapore police history with that James Gomez case.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Hindi Movie,

Any films base about Singapore cannot always be just about "Alice In Wonderland " right?

Singapore is a nice place but if always films about Singapore shows only how holy,nice and pleasant place Singapore is, then it will paint a propagandish view of Singapore.

To the ST letter writer,there are many nasty things going on in Singapore, please go out more often and open your eyes wider.

Please do not read too much Straits Times too....

Anonymous said...

Our poodle force is too busy parking their fat asses in the office trawling the internet sniffing for seditious bloggers and content. Either that or they are out harassing oppositionists and entrapping gay med students.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that really is a funny juxtaposition of news there.

But Singapore is definitely still safe. I jog regularly after midnight at the park near my place. Obviously one has to be alert, but by and large, I believe most people here feel rightfully safe. As with any other country on Earth, crime rates always go up, not down.


Anonymous said...

With reference to the Hindi Movie.

If you refer to the comments made on "SAF Death" It's really no wonder.

If there are Singaporeans who can't be bothered and aren't proud to be S'poreans, why get upset abt how the film potrays us?

So the film gives false impression that it's not dafe here and snatch thieves are abound... well, who cares?.. Judging from the comments, definitely not some of your readers it seems.

Anonymous said...

You gotta wonder: do the editors and subeditors in the ST bother to go through their finished product before publishing?

Or do they automatically publish back-patting letters of praise when they receive them even though it sounds outright propagandish?


Anonymous said...

In Earth Times, January 15, 2001, Singapore's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Kishore Mahbubani, wrote: "...There are no homeless, destitute or starving people in Singapore. Poverty has been eradicated, not through an entitlements program (there are virtually none) but through a unique partnership between the government, corporate citizens, self-help groups and voluntary initiatives."
He reminded me of the new MP (actually two of them) who said something to the effect: "Before I joined the grassroots organisation, I didn't know there were poor people in developed countries."
It seems like all the MIW took the Red pill, and are thus utterly divorced from the realities of life in Singapore.
Personally, I was shocked when the Singtel staff member, attending to my mobile phone servicing requirements, told me many youths have their handphones snatched away from their hands in broad daylight, when composing their sms whilst walking along Orchard Road. How did Singapore society degenerate to such a state? The greatest fear, of course, is how things will actually turn for the worse, when the casinos are up and running. But as Vivian Balakrishnan would say, when asked about government measures for coping with gambling addicts, "We'll address it when the time comes."

Anonymous said...

Sigh ...

Most people in any country also feel safe generally lah. Unless, we compare ourselves to Iraq.

I lived in LA for 3 years and now living in Australia. I had not felt any worse off in terms of safety in these countries. I had also lived in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. Life is well, just normal.We went about our daily chores, without much fanfare. Shucks, I was never caught in a shoot-out!

Most Singaporeans cling on to lame observations and conclusions conceived within narrow perspectives. Or perhaps it is the lack of exposure to a wider horizon, having only the Straits Times as our pathfinder?

I had heard a Singaporean asking a local in Korea why the trees had no leaves? In Singapore, our trees are green and lush. Well, the local refused to answer the poor chap and I stepped in to tell him that the trees shed their leaves in Winter.

I so wish Singaporeans could be a little more "worldly" and stop babbling under the well about the sky being a tad bluer than elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Err... the movie was supposed to be a MOVIE??

Like, did you get the 'false and negative impression' that Hawaii attracted alien creatures after watching Lilo and Stitch?

Anonymous said...

"If there are Singaporeans who can't be bothered and aren't proud to be S'poreans, why get upset abt how the film potrays us?

So the film gives false impression that it's not dafe here and snatch thieves are abound... well, who cares?.. Judging from the comments, definitely not some of your readers it seems."

What's there to be upset about? It's only a movie!!!!

I am sad that the ST reader, despite staying here for 10 years only, already behaves like the typical paranoid Singaporean.

Every country has its own fair share of unfortunate statistics. The bigger the country, the bigger the problem.

We care and the only right thing for any caring Singaporean to do is to ask Wong Kan Seng to look into the problem. Not telling off movie producers. Afterall, we wanted their money!!!!

To side track, snatch thieves are old news. We have teenage and child bashers, school bullies, foreign prostitutes running wild everywhere. Time to work on the real problems after the elections, I'll say.

Anonymous said...

If Malaysia can do it to "Entrapment" and China can do it to "MI3", Singapore sure can do it to "Krissh".

I mean, come on! Singapore is a first world democracy and not some despot's playground or a 3rd world communist regime like, erm, Malaysia and China?

Anonymous said...

speaking of films, Malaysia has yet to lift its ban on Zoolander.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Police spokesman Victor Keong urged victims not to resist their attackers if confronted but should take note of the culprit's appearance". If only the Defence Minister will take heed of Victor's advice, then we won't have to do National Service. Just think of the savings on F-16 jets and Apache strike helicopters, the economic benefits will be substantial.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the lady knew that if she fought, she has a slim chance of holding on to her valuables.

If she let go and report police, alamak, guaranteed gone case!

Our police is not meant for catching small-time crooks. They are into "Entrapment"!.

My god, see how world-class it sounds than catching snatch thief?

For the same reasoning hor -

"When MRT increase fares, don't resist, just remember the culprit's face"

"When PUB increase rates, don't resist, just remember the culprit's face".

Anonymous said...

Chrischoo, what Victor Keong is really saying is that the poodle force is not able to protect the elderlies and their well being, so if you put up resistance to safeguard yourself and kena injured in the process it is you own fault! Poodle force just trying to subtly shift responsibilty to the victims. Uniquely Sinkapoor!

statement somewhat silly. Here you have a policeman telling elderly people not to put up any resistance when they get robbed.

Anonymous said...

Since you are a senior citizen, you should know by now you are an employee of a company and not a citizen of Singapore.

PAP has repeatedly say Singapore is run like a company and not a nation. Singapore Inc.

Every citizen is seen as a digit and employee in Singapore Inc.

The characteristics of a nation and company are very different.

If you work in companies before, you should know all that matters is profit and losses.

Singaporeans and especially senior citizens are considered a cost and not revenue in PAP's eyes.

Every policy in Singapore is geared towards profit & loss concept. This includes public transport.

As long as Singaporeans can afford, MRT will go all out to raise charges and get maximum profit.

This Singapore is a company and not a nation. You can forget about social benefits that you so often see in Australia, Europe and US etc.

It is a burden and sin to grow old in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Where in Singapore has Ms Bengali been hiding the past 10 years?

Why come out of the woodwork now?