02 June 2006

The Miscellaneous Mr Wang

Received yet another invitation to be interviewed, this time from the Straits Times. Some kind of new multimedia portal, no less.
I'm XXXXXXXXX from STOMP (Straits Times Online Mobile Print). We're a new online interactive portal geared for the teens and young working adults in Singapore. Our official launch is primed for 15 July, to coincide with the Straits Times' 161st Anniversary.

One of the features on our site is called STOMPcast, where a selection of e-flicks will be streamed for our viewers. Content will include press conferences, interviews, short films/animations, live performances etc.

While the arts and entertainment scene will be showcased, our priority is to provide our local community with a new platform to voice their thoughts.

We are currently putting together a video of interviews with prominent Singapore bloggers regarding Minister Lee Boon Yang's latest views aired about Blogging and the new leeway given to the blogging community for the next GE.

We'd love to get your thoughts on it, and would like to arrange a video interview with you at our News Centre ... [rest deleted]
Mr Wang had removed his "Mr Wang Says So" email address from his blog sidebar some time ago, but that didn't stop this intrepid ST journalist from tracking Mr Wang down anyway. Somehow she discovered one of Mr Wang's other personal email accounts, and emailed Mr Wang there. Oh, and she addressed Mr Wang by his real name too.

See, Mr Wang already told you months ago that the mainstream media knows quite well who he is. Seems like nowadays, they won't even pretend that they don't (unlike IPS).

Anyway, Mr Wang will skip this. His offline life is a little too packed, this week and next week.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, part of MSM's purpose of getting bloggers like yourself into their media is to "de-mystify" the blogosphere and that it cannot be managed. So by presenting you guys out there in the mainstream, there is a creation of what I would term as a "mainstream opposition" (think: PAP inviting potential opposition candidates into its camp).
While the dynamics of such actions do play out somewhat differently among the media, the inherent essence of the actions remain similar.

Anonymous said...

They're gonna STOMP you out man~


Anonymous said...

mr wang your blog is now worth $105,004.44 according to :


but mr brown's is worth $200,411.70

AND xiaxue....a cool US$1,603,858.14



simplesandra said...

Setting Ms Denise Phua's words to action, I suppose. Oh, cynical me! :)

Anonymous said...

I think they just dont get it. The reason why independent bloggers are so popular is not simply the lack of similar feature from the mainstream media, but the credibility, which the government propaganda agencies will never able to build.

Anonymous said...

Dear G, it is not surprising that some ppl know who you are. I chanced upon it in some blog of your friends. I think it was a mistake of yours. Take care of your safety k, Goodman;) I enjoy reading ur blog.