05 May 2006

"Mr Wang, I Think I Might Be Messing Up ..."

"... please help me."

Dear Mr Lee

Oh, very well. Bear in mind, though, that this is just Mr Wang's advice. It's just Mr Wang's point of view - you may or may not agree with it - that's entirely up to you.

Firstly, Mr Lee, I think you have a bit of an insecurity problem. That's understandable. That's very human. After all, it's your very first term as PM, and for decades, your father had been a most impressive PM himself. So you feel like you're still in his shadow, never quite able to step out and be your own man.

Furthermore, there was your immediate predecessor Mr Goh. He was supposed to warm the seat for you. Instead Mr Goh became PM for 10 long years, a formidable figure in his own right despite the lack of Lee genes. Worse, Goh even proved himself to be immensely popular with the people.

So now you're feeling insecure. You feel you have so much to prove. Well, as I said, that's only human. Where I think you may have gone wrong is that you let your insecurity get the better of you. You made a few moves that were perhaps not very clever, strategically speaking.

For example, you made bold, public proclamations that you were out to win all 84 seats in Parliament. You were out to prove yourself. You were out to surpass your father and Goh Chok Tong, in one fell swoop. You wanted to be the leader that the nation, the entire nation, voted for!

This, I think, was a misjudgment on your part. Seriously, Mr Lee, what does winning 84 out of 84 seats really do for you? You're like the boy who can score 9 A1s, but tells everyone that he will settle for nothing less than 10 A1s. Does the boy really need that tenth A1? Of course not - nine is enough to show the world that he's very clever.

But when you go out there and tell the world, "I'm going to score 10 A1s!", well, you set yourself up for failure. Because now, if you score only 9 A1s, it will look like a failure to the world - even though it isn't.

And let's say that you do get 84 out of 84 seats in Parliament, well, well, Mr Lee. Will that help your insecurity? You only improved on Goh's score by two seats. That's like beating someone by slightly more than 2 little marks in a maths examination. If you were insecure before that, then winning by 2 little marks won't be enough to cure your insecurity either.

I hear you ask - "Oh, Mr Wang, how can I prove myself then?". Well, frankly, Mr Lee, I think it's going to be very difficult as long as your father is alive and kicking. And frankly, it may still be difficult even when he's no longer alive and kicking. But I said "difficult", not "impossible". So allow Mr Wang to share a few ideas with you.

Firstly, I don't think that elections are the right place to prove yourself. Your term as PM is the right place to prove yourself. In the big picture of things, the 9 days of campaigning are not important. The next five years of your term as PM - now that's important. Perform well, do the right things and the people will stand behind you.

Secondly, have your own vision - not your father's - lead Singapore in your direction. Not his. When you build a different Singapore from what your father would have built, and when you make your own different Singapore work, that's when you will step out of your father's shadow. (By the way, what happened to your promise of an open society?)

Thirdly, be brave. Believe in yourself. Have faith. Focus on what's important and achieve great things, instead of pouncing on imagined enemies in every corner. If you, as PM, achieve great things for Singapore, those great things will speak for themselves. No need to destroy all the Francis Seow's, Tang Liang Hong's, JB Jeyaretnam's, Chee Soon Juan's and James Gomezes in the world. If truly they are fools and idiots, then they will expose themselves. If they are not, then they are not, and their contributions matter too.

Fourth, stop dumbing down to the people. Some of us are stupid, but many of us are not. When you dumb down the issues and dress up the facts, you only make it sooooooo easy for people like Mr Wang to poke fun at you and tear your speeches and announcements into little pieces. Mr Wang knows that you are really not that stupid. So stop giving me the opportunities. Tell the truth to the people, even when it's hard. That's the only way they'll ever really come to trust you.

Fifth, don't forget the little man. Don't forget the old and poor. Don't forget the Normal Stream kids, the ex-convict trying to put his life back together, the old ah ma still washing public toilets, the single mum who can't apply for a HDB flat, the 70-year-old man trapped in his Potong Pasir flat because you won't build a lift for him to get down. And don't just remember them every five years.

Whatever happens tomorrow, Mr Wang wishes you all the best in life. Because good karma is more than just a set of poll results.

Yours sincerely
Mr Wang


darrnot said...

Majulah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wang,

I have been reading your blogs, and I must say that you are a very refine, well being person, with strong analatical ability, and I really wish that most of the Singaporeans can do the same, knowing and being able to tear the messages into pieces and examing, then we will be out of trouble!

Anonymous said...

Pigs will fly if Mr.Lee gets to read this AND actually heeds your advice.

Nevertheless, it was a good try anyway.

Hope polling day will shed some light on what the people really think.

Anonymous said...

You forgot one piece of important advice, after what he confessed at the lunch time rally:
"Fear God, and ask for forgiveness."

Anonymous said...

Yes yes Mr Wang, but before everything else Mr Lee has to come clean, stop behaving like hooligans, be transpareant and accountable to the nation and sgians for what had transpired. Otherwise it is just more empty promises and more illogical reasonings to shore up their absurd policies.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You need to send this, somehow & someway, to the PMO and onto his hands. He NEEDS to read this.

I'm NOT hoping for a repeat of Spectrum or Coldstore. It'll be a sad day for everyone if those events happen again. But things seem to be spiraling towards that direction.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

and the residents of AMK have nothing to lose by voting for WP. We already have GCT, 10 yrs experience as PM

Monkey said...

Gosh Mr Wang, I really really like the last 2 suggestion ("forth and fifth"). I believe it almost brought tears to my eyes. *sniffles* how nice would it be to have a prime minister that does both you suggested. *sniffles*

chnrxn said...

Hey people, you think Mr Wang makes good PM material? People may be good while they are outside, but they might not quite be the same once they are inside.

Anonymous said...

If Lee Hsien Loong manage to build an open, fair and democratic singapore, then he would've not only stepped out of his father's shadow but supercede all his father's achievements. If and that's a big if, if he delivers on his opening address when he irst assumed the post of PM, then he would be remembered in history as being greater than his father.

His father ruled by fear, people voted because they were afraid of the PAP. If one day Lee Hsien Loong can get people to vote PAP because they truly love and supported it, than he would be rathered as a truly great man and not because he's LKY's son.

Anonymous said...

i just want to comment that your analysis of issues are always very straight to the point and based on facts instead of opinions. good job.

when the PM mentioned during the May Day Rally about the 2 mega oil projects by Shell and ExxonMobil hinging on the polls on this GE, i am not sure if he is already guilty of the offence of causing undue influence under Section 59 of the Parliamentary Elections Act (Chapter 218).

i am neither a judge nor a lawyer to know the intricacies of the judicial system.

election rallies are for the political parties to talk about their plan for the future of the country and address issues that the people have.

it is not to incite fear among voters that the country will be 'unsafe' or 'dangerous' if they don't vote for the party.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wang,
All these thoughts and expressions are well and good. You are attracting a lot of attention.

But, what matters most is, will like-minded Singaporeans, stick to their guns and vote for opposition tomorrow ?

Anonymous said...

I seriously think that you need to break the opposition's words as well, if you think you are that impartial.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we need Mr. Wang to break down the opposition's words since the infamous Chua sisters and all the other PAP sychophants in the Straits Times are already doing it with much gusto.

Anonymous said...

Even the inimitable Sumiko Tan has decided to take a break from writing about her haemorrhoids and enduring spinsterhood to praise the PAP, so the last thing we need is for Mr Wang to land a few more blows on the underdogs.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Basically what I do is that I read the local newspapers online and I comment on articles which catch my eye.

Most of the time I end up focusing on the PAP because most media reports are about what the PAP said or did. The opposition doesn't get much coverage in the local media.

Even when the opposition says something and it is reported, the newspapers usually report more about the PAP's response to what the opposition said, rather than about the opposition actually said.

moomooman said...

I was at AMK WP rally last night and something caught my attention. When Glenda Han came on stage, the crowd was cheering like it was Annabel Chong performing a feat. Some guys behind me was shouting "Glenda We Love You".

When she speaks... it was almost a giveaway that she do not have the MP material unlike 2 of her other colleagues.

It almost seems "fashionable" for the younger crowd to vote against the ruling party, just for the sake of rebelling.

But what are they rebelling? They have yet to experience issues in life that affects them.

PAP will face the biggest challenge not in this election, but the next 2 elections when this group of youngster grow up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Wang,

Beutifully written. It's like one of those letters written by an old man to his son. LHL can find great wisdom as well as comfort in your thoughts. I only wish he could read it.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

As I mentioned before, votes in AMK will mostly be votes for PAP or votes against PAP. Not so much votes for Oppo or votes against Oppo.

As for Glenda Han, well, I do not know anything about her, but I do remember the days when Goh first became PM. When you heard him speak then, you might very well have thought "Ok lah he can be MP, but he's definitely not PM material."

What issues in life might this younger crowd have experienced? Who knows. Perhaps they saw their parents get retrenched in 2003, 2004, and their families struggled to get by. Maybe they donated money to the NKF. Perhaps as 12-year-olds, they did badly in their PSLE and now realise that they've been put on an almost-inevitable one-way track into an economically disadvantaged future as working adults. Or perhaps they are just afraid that their jobs as young Singaporeans are being taken away by young foreign "talent".

David said...

He wants to win ALL the seats? What a pompous git. Any politician leader in any decent democracy will be happy to win 60% of the seats - totally content. This dude wants to win 100%?? Sort of reminds me of the anal kid in my school who wet his pants and screamed rolling on the floor when he got 97% average in his exams. He wanted 100%.

So what? Big deal. Who cares. What a pathetic man. Doesn't he have better things to do with his time and energy.

Anonymous said...

Great words! I especially like the part of stepping out of the father's shadow.

Anonymous said...

You just make singaporean feels proud!! Majulah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

Mr Wang, if you run for election, I will surely vote for you! But come to my GRC. Bukit Timah. If not walkover, very painful!!

Anonymous said...

MrWang, u'reone unfair dude. PM didn't say he'd win 84 seats. He merely set that as a target. Did anyone say you're fool to set out to be smart alecky?

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

I agree with you that he set that as his target. That's why I wrote:

"you made bold, public proclamations that you were out to win all 84 seats in Parliament."

Anonymous said...

If I were in Ang Mo Kio GRC, this post by Mr Wang would've swayed me to the PAP just on sentimental grounds ALONE. I know too well how difficult it can be on oneself to always have to meet up to the expectations of others and worst want to rise up to those challenges and more. Mr Wang, did you get to vote this year?

Anonymous said...

There's some truth in the comments you've made, but as usual, not entirely. It isn't out of fear that people have supported the PAP. Whatever you think was the motivating factor, essentially, Singaporeans are doing well despite 911, SARs, and the Asian tsunami.


Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Fear? Where did I mention that?

Asian tsunami ... Strange, did it hit Singapore?

911 ... Doesn't it affect the whole world?

Mugster, I really do try to understand you, you know. But it's tough.

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE : The press secretary to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has clarified remarks made by Mr Lee at the lunchtime rally on Wednesday.

During the speech, the Prime Minister had addressed the issue of opposition MPs in Parliament.

Mr Lee had said that if the opposition were to hold 10 to 20 seats in Parliament, he would have to spend much more time thinking what was the right way to "fix" them.

Explaining Mr Lee's remark, his press secretary said Mr Lee had meant to say that if there were many more opposition MPs in Parliament, the government and opposition would spend all their time and energies countering each other, and Singapore would be worse off for it.

Mr Lee used direct language to get this important point across to a mass rally crowd and is sorry if the words had offended anyone. - CNA /ct

Anonymous said...

I am always laugh aloud when I see coverage on the opposition. At times even my tears almost came out.

If they want to be 1st class opposition... get their facts right first...

Anonymous said...

moomooman wrote - "When she speaks... it was almost a giveaway that she do not have the MP material unlike 2 of her other colleagues."

Well, what's not possible. Didn't we already have one Eunice Olsen as Nominated-MP? ;)

Politics is tough business, espeically when you have to speak to a huge crowd. Hardly a confident speaker, but a few years working the ground will definitely do her experience a lot of good.

Anonymous said...

ah seng wrote - "If they want to be 1st class opposition... get their facts right first..."

That's hard, especially when our first class Prime Minster is having difficulties getting his words right. ;)

Anyway, maybe you should elaborate on your point, about the opposition getting their facts wrong?

Anonymous said...

all the promises/threats on hdb upgrading...but nothing is said about how those who can't afford would still need to dig into their meagre earnings or depleted CPF to pay their share of the upgrading.
If that old man has no cash or cpf, who will pay his cost of the upgrade? His family? The govt?

Also, not many know that you will not be allowed to enjoy more than 1 subsidized upgrading cost, ie if you block was voted for upgrading during the term of your tenancy, and you decide to move out even before the upgrading works started ('cos you cannot, for medical reasons, live with noise, dust & other inconveniences associated with upgrading works, you are considered as having enjoyed 1 subsidized upgrading, and will thus have to pay the full cost if your next flat happens to be eligible for upgrading. Note that not all housing agents will tell you that or even know about this rule. Those like me who got into this situation unwittingly, no thanks to the housing agent that handled the 1st unit I bought, I now face the prospect of having to pay full upgrading cost (a whopping $45K plus, if i remember correctly, for a revamped toilet system and a new utility area). That's almost 30% of the value of the flat. Is there any reason for me to vote just so I get to 'enjoy' this type of upgrading?

Anonymous said...

Err..is he crying in this picture?

Joseph Chiang said...

makes sense.

AA said...

Oh Mr Wang, what happened to your previous posts about the rallies and the election pointers to read?  I thought that latter post especially was fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I attended PAP hougang rally a few days ago and attended WP rally at AMK, all i can say is that Glenda Han fared way better than Lim Hwee Hua, a designated minister to be. Sometimes it pays to visit the PAP rallies to see for oneself how ordinary the PAP candidates really are... not withstanding the fact that they were giving speeches to crowds of less than 500.

Anonymous said...

The "Fix" and "Buy vote" comment from LHL was his weak attempt in meeting his promise of a more "Open society".

I think PAP is even below other run of the mill supposedly corrupt politicians. At least those "corrupt" Japanese SDP members took out personal loans to give their constituents, and those "corrupt" Thai politicians gave away their ill-gotten business earnings to poor people to buy vote.

PAPpies? They use our money to buy us! Either we're cowards or they're blatantly dumb - you figure out yourself.

simplesandra said...

anonymous wrote: "At least those "corrupt" Japanese SDP members took out personal loans to give their constituents"

Uh, I believe it's LDP (Jimintou)... SDP is Chee's party. :)

Not that I disagree with your point, though.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...


About my missing posts -

I heard a rather disturbing rumour late last night. I hope it proves to be completely unfounded. If it proves to be true, I assure you that you will read all about it in the media and the government, when it happens.

It does not concern me directly. But for my own safety, I decided to remove certain posts of mine.

Anonymous said...

Today is judgement day. Thanks to Mr Wang, Yawningbread and all who have faithfully catalogued the events of the last week. They make us feel once more what it really means to be a Singaporean.

Remember the line from Alan Moore:

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

Anonymous said...

so true, the lees are brainy people. all their lives they only know of scroing distinction and being the best in class. that s how they are running the government. and if you are not their material, you are relegated to be commoners, listen to them and be obedient. in return, you will be rewarded with progress packages.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wang, you are enlightening.
LHL is a good guy, I am sure. But so long as old LKY and GCT are around to push the seeds on LHL's dumb-board, he will never be able to set up a new game of monopoly.

moomooman said...

in case your disturbing rumour is true....

I Support PAP. You guys are the best!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with point #5. I think he is doing as much as anyone can for the weaker ones. He explained it very well at the last ND Rally speech and today we can see it being put into action.

But I think the most important thing he shd reform is to adopt a more sporting approach to competition and fight fair. All those multi-million dollar upgrading packages only serve to cause the PAP stock to lose value.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

LCS, on the weaker ones, media reports like these make it difficult for me to share your optimism.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my comment is limited to the ITE students. For old folks, agree with you 100%.

Anonymous said...

Time : 12.11. Don't think PM Lee is too insecure based on the results so far.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wang, yes, none of the events that I mentioned hit Singapore (duh), but many issues that people are dissatisfied with can be linked to external happenings such as those. And people tend to blame the government for joblessness and rising costs, ignoring the fact that globally, this is happening too.

For you to brush off these earth shaking events so lightheartedly means that you are a very very lucky man.


Anonymous said...


go to www.singaporealternatives.blogspot.com to leave a message of comfort and support for the WP team in Aljunied. Goh Meng Seng and company put up a good fight for 2 years even though he lost.

It is the least we can do,


Also sign up to join WP tommorow! Give us a choice in 2010 elections!

Anonymous said...

hey erhm Mr Wang, i would like to hear your take on it.. if opposition were to win today, do you think they could do a better job than PAP?

PAP members hold the top positions in influential companies (no names mentioned). Even if opposition wins, is it because PAP is lousy or PAP just ruled too long? I actually don't really understand what open-ness means, as for political openness i can't comment because i know nuts about it. but a lot of open-ness that people wants are like bar top dancing, pornography and stuff.. what about guns and knifes?

i'm not pro-PAP but i'm just pro stability, if the opposition won and screwed up for the next five years, would it have devious impact on Singapore?

but the opposition might win and rule it better than PAP, rather, they take over PAP place to limit PAP to become the govt again, then would you write against the govt (who "was" the opposition)?

i personally feel that thought there're a lot of bad points, but good points out-weigh the bad in our govt. when i go online and play games, more than 90% of the foreigners would love to live in Singapore, mind you, the opened-minded Americans. i think the best time for opposition to win is to have a world war.. in fact, for the poor the become rich as well.

and if Singapore is such a "closed" environment, when don't you become an MP and do something about it, or migrate again? after all, one size don't fit all, instead of grumbling, why not move to a better place and make your life more enjoyable? and help all the anti-PAPians move out of Singapore?

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...


Haha, I think people can read your comment & mine and judge for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I agree with Mugster.

Anonymous said...


Haha, I think people can read your comment & mine and judge for themselves."

The people have decided.

Anonymous said...

The people have decided

Yesterday's polling results announcement was a snappy affair. The Parliament before and after the polls will be little changed, with both Mr Low Thia Khiang and Mr Chiam See Tong retaining their seats with increased margins, especially Mr Low. The people of Hougang and Potong Pasir did not bite the multi-million dollar carrot dangled in front of them by the incumbent PAP at the last minute through no less than the Senior Minister himself, Mr Goh Chok Tong. I suppose loyalty counts for more than money for residents in these two wards. Money politics has not proven to be very effective. On the other hand, the PAP may have weakened its moral high ground through its 'pork barrel' tactics. There would most likely be people who voted PAP because of these 'pork', but the numbers are not big enough to make a difference.

Steve Chia will lose his NCMP seat because the WP's Aljunied team polled about 42% to his 39%, so he is not the best loser this time around. As to who in the WP Aljunied team will take the NCMP seat is yet to be seen. I don't think there is a precedent for this. It is probably up to the WP's CEC to decide which of the 5 team members in the GRC team will take up that position. Perhaps Sylvia Lim, as the leader. Some would salivate at the Gomez option, given his penchant for controversy, but its just speculation at this time. In any case, the WP has taken a small step in making more of its voice heard in Parliament with two members. This augurs well for them and for greater representative democracy in Singapore.

The sweetest victory must have been for Mr Chiam, the man SM Goh has callled old and by implication past his use-by date. Many in Potong Pasir did not agree, with slightly more weighing in this time for the 'old' warhorse. It seems that the residents of Potong Pasir are a resilient and loyal lot, who are no easily swayed by last minute 'goodies'.

The net result is that the political landscape in Singapore is little changed. The Progress Package has not worked any magic in gaining greater support for the PAP, if that was one of its intent in the first place. The people gained both ways - they got the money (many would say 'their' money) and they got to vote for their candidates (at least the 1.2m whose wards were contested). The results show that the choice has changed little from the last elections. Although the total share of votes for the PAP has gone down to 66%, it is still higher than the share two elections back. With a booming economy, this is to be expected. But the PAP must realise that roughly one third of the people in all contested wards support the Opposition now.

The greatest failure (and conversely the greatest success for the PAP) is the SDP. Both teams garnered a shave above the 20% required to keep their candidates' deposit of $13,500 each. SDP is now a spent force due to the mis-management and disunity of its leaders, Chee Soon Juan and Ling Howe Doong. With a lawsuit hanging over their heads, there is more drama to come for the SDP. It is no wonder that people deserted them in droves.

Its been an exciting time. One would have wished the Opposition had won a GRC to increase its representation in Parliament and prove that a GRC is not beyond them. The WP came close. Whether the Gomez affair cost them the GRC will be a subject of debate post-elections. If it did, then Wong Kan Seng will be justified in his tactic of putting doubts into Singaporean's minds regarding Gomez's integrity and suitability for Parliament. However, I feel that that is giving too much credit to WKS. More likely, the PAP Aljunied team is well liked and hardworking, so credit where credit is due.

WP's 'gan shi dui' acquited themselves well in taking roughly a third of the people in the PM's own backyard. This team of WP GRC candidates are hardly over 30, and for them to carry about 30% of the votes against the PM's is a credit to them. I think the WP should pat themselves on the back this time. Next time, these people will be more experienced and perhaps more ready to fight a more successful battle.

That's Vote Singapore 2006, out.

Anonymous said...

PAP might be contended with the 66.6% win and WP happy with the increased majority this GE 2006. And people of Potong Pasir & Hougang are happy that they kept their respective MPs.

As for me, one of those Singaporeans who wished to see more opposition in Parliament and the political landscape of Singapore changed, returned home this early morning, very very sad and disappointed.

The net result is the same. 2 out of 84. All these increase in percentages are only a gauge. May be a motivating factor. But, I see Singapore as doomed in this situation, not being able to come out of this unhealthy situation, after so many years.

For the politically inactive or insensitive Singaporeans, they don't give a damn. Or may be most Singaporean are very very happy with the current state of affairs and PAP dominance.

Then why have a general election at all ? If the results are so predictable and no one cares about it.
Or more so, why even have a parliament ? If only lift upgrading and flat upgrading matters, what we need is an effective administration & civil service.

Why waste all this money .. just to show we have democracy ?

If the PAP is so desirable to our people, then one idea would be to split it up into two independent parties and then, at least have some form of equitable opposition representation.

What say you ?

7-8 said...

You have to distinguish your means and your ends. Democracy is the means, and good government is the ends. Conventional wisdom has it that democracy is the means. Are there other paths to good government? Maybe, maybe not. A democracy, where you have parties arguing with each other in parliament is a western ideal. I won't deny that it's a good system but is it the right one for us?

There's no need to split the party into two. You just have to lift the party whip and see what happens. It is not ridiculous to say that the PAP can provide its own opposition, since we see that of late quite a few PAP MPs have been speaking out of the party line. This trend is definitely bad for opposition parties, because it shows that there isn't such a pressing need for opposition to come from outside the party.

For the record, the person who instituted democractic reforms in Taiwan was Chiang Ching-kuo, Chiang Kai Shek's son. There are definite parallels with Lee Hsien Loong. Whether people consider him a hero or a lackey is still and open question. History can be a little unfair sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Alot of unhappiness and comments have been raised regarding how "unfair" PAP has been.

Personally I have my unhappiness with PAP & LHL and to certain extent I agree with Mr. Wang's post on his "letter" to LHL.

But a point to note is the unique circumstances Singapore is in as well as the history. Singapore's position and success is unique. Honestly we have absolutely nothing, not even humans as our assets. I am not pro PAP but to keep things short, just felt that we have to consider Singapore's situation and vulnerability. A good understanding will explain that it was not surprising how our politics turned out today.

Be it desperation or wit displayed by PAP in this election, I chose to believe our government (not PAP, there is a difference) will bring us to greater sucess.

FYI: I am not pro PAP but pro government. Government is the body or parliment that is in existence, regardless which party is majority. Only when people are pro government, can we progress together. Everyone has a role in society, be it big or small. Question is do you choose to do your part or whine and let go?


Anonymous said...

wtf r u on about- the govt is the PAP- they own it u.

as for moving on- how the frack do u expect many of us who have hdb mortgages to pay off- old parents/ kids to take care of- to leave? Many of us could - if we wanted too. But can't.

Anonymous said...

During the last nine days, there is no government but only PAP. Currently the government consists of 82 PAP members and possibly 3 opposition. I am supporting the government. Because it is fixed for the next 5 years and true enough, no matter how much we whine, they still have the majority of Singapore's support. If EVERYONE is really so unhappy, kindly explain how and why they win? Trust the 85 people in the parliment. Support them. The last thing a Singaporean can do is to go against your own government. And trust me, the government will not watch you die. This is something as much as I believe.

Lastly, for your information, I am someone who have hdb debts as well as education debts to clear. For clarification sake, I never say leave the country. I meant move on with your life. Once again, I may not believe all their policies will benefit everyone equally, but I choose to believe in submission to my authority that they will make the right choices overall.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

There are some interesting points here which I may touch on in a future post. But very briefly:

The government is not even the 84 MPs in Parliament. The government is much bigger than that. It consists of 13, 14 ministries and all their employees.

That includes very senior civil servants like permanent secretaries who have much more experience in policy making than most of your MPs in Parliament; and actually, much more practical influence over national policies than your average MP too.

If you need a simple example, think of BG Lee Hsien Loong in Mindef, in the days before he entered politics. I assure you that by virtue of the position he held then, his influence, for all practical purposes, was a lot greater than the average MP in Parliament (if limited to a very specific area - national defence policy).

The simple truth is that in every ministry, there are civil servants of that seniority and influence - smart, competent, capable people who hold a lot of power to influence and direct Singapore. And who should be the right persons to claim credit for many of Singapore's successes.

But the PAP politicians will take the credit. They will announce that they are responsible for all good things in Singapore, and wooooah, if you do not vote for them, there will be instability, and lack of progress, and no more jobs, and billion-dollar foreign investors will stay away etc etc ....

But when any bad things happen in Singapore, they will blame external causes. You know - like SARS; 911; weakening US economy; competition from China & India etc.

Funny ... when any good things happen in Singapore, they never attribute them to external causes, You know - like the improving US economy; the rising demand from China and India etc. No, they'll just say it's all thanks to our wonderful PAP!

leopsyche said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
leopsyche said...

Mr Wang Says So said:

"Funny ... when any good things happen in Singapore, they never attribute them to external causes, You know - like the improving US economy; the rising demand from China and India etc. No, they'll just say it's all thanks to our wonderful PAP!"

You may want to check out the Actor-Observer Bias (see also Fundmamental Attribution Error), Mr. Wang.