04 May 2006

Elections, Elections

Hello. My name is Mr Wang. Are you here because you heard that I write very interesting opinions on politics in Singapore? Sorry, I have nothing new for you today. But you might want to check out my older posts:

1. In 2004, Lee Hsien Loong became PM and promised to make Singapore an open society. Did he succeed, fail or simply change his mind? You decide.

2. The PAP says that the Workers Party want to plant time bombs that will "tear Singapore apart". But do you want to know what might really change the way our government operates and shut Parliament down for good?

3. The PAP wants your vote. Really? Depending on who you are and where you live, perhaps they would prefer that you don't get to vote at all.

4. Will voting for the Opposition really chase foreign investors away? Hmmm. Why don't we ask a billion-dollar foreign investor to tell us.

5. What does Osama bin Laden have in common with the Opposition candidates in Singapore? Check it out.

6. Recently MM Lee Kuan Yew was not very happy with some young Singaporeans whom he described as the "radical English-educated young". But would you like to meet the "radical English-educated old"?

7. PM Lee recently described a certain dead man as a founding father of Singapore. But what did this founding father really think about the PAP, the Opposition and politics in Singapore?

8. Singapore has a powerful strategy to fight corruption in our government and keep it clean. Why doesn't President George Bush use this method in the United States?

9. You'd rather read the Straits Times than Mr Wang's blog, because Mr Wang is a faceless blogger and faceless bloggers shouldn't be trusted. But what if you found out that sometimes the Straits Times writes almost exactly like Mr Wang?.

All said and done, Mr Wang urges you not to forget the PAP's many achievements over the years, which you all already know about. After all, Singapore is world-best, world-class and excellent in so many things. The people of Singapore should not ignore all that. Mr Wang simply encourages everyone to think more deeply about all the issues, and vote wisely.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Wang,

I have an article that I feel may be of interest to you, regarding our judicial system, but I can't seem to find your email address, could you email me at geekgeek AT gmail DOT com?


Anonymous said...

I thought you'd poke at some headlines today... something about a dominant PAP.

Anonymous said...

As my friend said: Just put a "cross" to the party that you don't like on the polling slip and Singapore will finally improve...haha

moomooman said...

damn Wang... you make me click on every link only to realise I have read most of them.

Can you put a qualifying date so that readers like myself who started reading your blog before certain date need not click on all the links.

Just kidding. But you did waste some of my time.

Anonymous said...

Wah,the opposition party must be perfect judging by the fact that there is so much complaints about the goverment.

Anonymous said...

Understand that an emergency meeting has been called by PAP to discuss the final day strategy.

Location unknown.
Meeting convenor: WKS
Attendees list: Unlnown but members from the SPH, CNA and perhaps ISD amongst others (expected attendees about 20)
Agenda: Last day's strategy.
To note: GCT not in the attendee list, though he initally he was also called. GY called specifically. surprise attendee: TCH, Hen and Vivian as well, though they were not part of the core strategy team.

My hunch is that they are looking for new and fresh ideas, as their existing ideas have not had much impact.

PAP clearly didnt expect the crowd's response at AMK on 4th night. They were really shocked. My assessment is that they are going to do something dramatic tomorrow to make sure that they do win Aljunied and PP. They MAY SET UP A BAIT FOR WP to flounder.

Expect dirty tricks, or major stunts by the PAP. the stakes are too high for the PAP.

Apparently LKY was to make a visit there (aljunied) tomorrow morning, but Mama Lee had objected. Dont know the reason.

There is panic and pessimism in the PAP camp which is very easily visible. there is a facade of unity because a small minority of PAP Ministers also didnt like WKS and LKY's handling of JG affair. But they had to keep their mouth shut.

LHL is actually exhibiting nervousness. Not that he is scared of losing AMK, but wondering of the implications of losing Aljunied and the overall percentage of popular vote declining. He cancelled a scheduled interview today at 6 pm with the media.

He is clearly indecisive; keeps going through the draft speech repeatedly. And keeps consulting guys like WKS, Tharman and his journalist friend in SPH about possible reactions to the statements. He is completely unsure.