21 April 2006

Offline With Mr Wang

In a couple of hours' time, I will be addressing 200 young Singaporeans on the topic of youth empowerment. I kinda know what I want to say - I've been mulling over the key points in my head for the past week - but I guess I'd better sit down and write out some kind of outline now.
I never like to have a speech too thoroughly prepared - the tendency would then be you get a bit boring, a bit too scripted, not very spontaneous, you know, like a government minister.

Oooh, the infamously famous blogger known as Yawning Bread is going to be there at the event too. He will speak on the topic of "Singapore - Our Home?". Note the question mark, heheh. This should be fun. This is my first time meeting Yawning Bread.

After that, Yawning Bread & Mr Wang are going to have a Q&A session with the 200 young Singaporeans. That's scheduled for one full hour. Quick, place your bets now - do you think we'll connect with young Singaporeans better or worse than MM Lee recently did on TV?


Anonymous said...

I'd like to bet that you would connect better with the younger generation. I am assuming this group should be at least JC/Pre-U level and above as anyone younger may not be able to be engaged on some of the more intellectually challenging issues due to hormones raging interfering with their brain processes. But then again, at 18-25 (the hormones are still in a state of flux :-)

Do pollinate the minds of the young, they are our future and as one of my ex-British expat tutors (who also got blacklisted by ICA and cannot enter Singapore for being too outspoken) let them know, "There is No Alternative"in Singapore is a fallacy.

Kelvin said...

Transcripts please! I await eagerly :)