09 April 2006

Mr Wang Reads Lots of Books

... of many different kinds. Today he came across the following picture in a book and it tickled him. Somehow this reminds Mr Wang of the Singapore government and bloggers in Singapore, and a possible strategy for bloggers to deal with the government.

Click on pix for bigger image.

Just think of the ladies as the Media Authority Development, and the professor as a blogger.


Kevin said...

Interesting analogy... where it is customary to freely express oneself on blogs, the uninitiated public (including gahmen) may view this act as inappropriate? Thus, bloggers resort to ananomity (covers face while showing everything else)?

Sorry, I don't read enough books. I tried my best :P

Anonymous said...

There is another version of it. He went skinny-dipping with a friend then. His faculty friend of course covered his crotch and kena identified while he slyly covered his face.

How smart!

Anonymous said...

someone was saying, the cloak of anonymity for SG bloggers is apparent, but not real.

MDA is capable of tracking down supposedly anonymous bloggers, perhaps through cooperation with their ISPs in providing IP address logging.

So unless the blogger blogs at a random internet cafe every time, there is no real anonymity.

cover face not enough, must cover backside too. haha

Anonymous said...

Don't mind please kill the "back" button of your links, so that when we close the X we come back to your site, instead of closing the browser which we have to relaunch. The code is _target="blank"

Anonymous said...

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Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Thank you, I guess. :)