05 December 2005

NKF Woes

The Straits Times constantly amazes me with the vigorous spins and warped angles it places on its reports.
Dec 5, 2005
New donations spell hope for NKF
50 donors sign up for Lifedrops scheme; 3 others have rejoined

By Lee Hui Chieh
DESPITE the controversy over how its funds were used, the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) has managed to attract 50 new individual donors - as well as three who have returned.

In the past four months, 50 new donors have signed up for the NKF's Lifedrops programme, pledging a small sum of money each month through Giro or credit card deductions.

Three others who had earlier quit the programme have since rejoined.

The Lifedrops programme used to have between 2,500 and 3,000 new donors every month. Since mid-July, when the scandal broke, about 50,000 people have dropped out, taking with them about $400,000 worth of donations.
50,000 regular donors quit, and 3 of them later rejoined. That's a recovery rate of 0.006%. And for the title of its article, the Straits Times says "New Donations Spell Hope"?!? Mr Wang suggests to you that more appropriate titles would be "Deep Shit Continues for NKF" or "Thank Goodness for the Reserves".

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Biased Observer said...

Why let reality get in the way of some primo spin-doctoring?

Molly Meek said...

Maybe each of the three donates a million dollars every month? haha.

Dump the scandal! Back to propaganda!

Heavenly Sword said...

cos at first no hope :)