10 December 2005

Mr Wang Speaks

An interesting development - Mr Wang has received an invitation to be a guest panelist and speaker at a students' event. To be held in the first quarter of 2006, the students' event focuses on current affairs and national issues in Singapore. Mr Wang has been asked to speak on the topic of youth, society and politics. 200 students from various educational institutions in Singapore are expected to attend. This will be rather unusual, because Mr Wang will probably be the first person ever to speak at such an event while using a pseudonym like "Mr Wang Says So".

Still thinking about it, but am likely to go.


Heavenly Sword said...

Mr Wang, gong xi gong xi...! :)

Admin said...

Dear Mr. Wang,

You should accept the invitation as social activist to share your views, thoughts and experiences.

We need some people to motivate the young ones to become more socially and politically more active. The prolonged apathetic attitude of our young generation is not healthy for Singapore's development.

I have watched the CNA tribute on late Devan Nair; those passionate eyes of rally participants have long been lost in present days' political scenes, especially so for PAP's rallies.

Something must be wrong with the present environment and setting. Activists (internet social activist) like you would provide a good example for the impressionable young ones to learn from.

Good luck! ;)

Goh Meng Seng

Agagooga said...


darrnot said...

TIME: Couldn't you have been lighter on the opposition—not sue?

LEE: No. If you don't sue, repetition of the lie [makes it credible]. It will be believed ... [Former U.S. Secretary of State] George Shultz once wrote to me about why I insist on this right of reply. I said to him, "We believe in the marketplace of ideas. Let the ideas contend, and the best ideas the public will buy." But I also said, "That assumes a large well-educated group of people as readers. Look at the marketplace of ideas in the Philippines, and see the chaos." Americans can have a marketplace of ideas. For example, Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 was a box-office hit. Americans enjoyed their President being mocked and satirized. But the majority voted for Bush in November 2004. When we have a large enough educated population like America, able to make independent judgments, we will loosen up. But even without the cacophony, all ideas are accessible in the media and the Internet.

Kevin said...

I wonder how you're going to protect your identity if you're going out to talk in public. It's for a good cause though and I believe I know which event you're talking about. Show them what you've got!

En and Hou said...


- Hou

Anthony said...

Mr Wang,

I think you should do it - not for anyone else but for yourself. I think it's a wonderful platform to get your message across, whatever form it may take.

Heck, drop me an email. If it's during the time I'm going to be in Singapore, I might pop up just to say hi.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Thank you all. I was thinking that if I go as "Mr Wang Says So", it makes an interesting opening angle for me to talk about the freedom of speech in Singapore, and why many people are afraid to openly express their opinions etc.

If however I go as my "real self", ie I am introduced by my real name, then I also have some credentials to speak. Within a certain artistic genre, I have, indeed, created a number of works with socio-political themes ...

jeffyen said...

Hey Mr. Wang, I'd like to attend this talk too!

Admin said...

Haha, it is interesting to note that there are still people who are afraid or apprehensive about "revealing" your real identity! And interesting enough to know that people do not "TRUST" the regime at all.... so much so that they would "set a trap" for you to walk into! ;)

We want to believe that in cyberspace, we are "hidden" which in fact we are not!

The sad reflection is that the element of FEAR is still so strong among the more affluent ones here in the cyberspace.

I would say that one could not possible get rid of this unhealthy FEAR which would affect the lives of not only us but our future generations to come, by AVOIDING it. The FEAR could only be rid by confronting it head on, not shying away from it.

Goh Meng Seng

Admin said...

Dear Corporate Manwhore,

What a nick you have here. ;)

I have read Sun Tze Art of war but I would say it impressed amateurs more than anything else.

I may not be a fan of Sun Tze but that doesn't mean I would be inferior in any sorts. ;)

Ironically, you feel that we are "confrontational" but in fact, I think there are many out there who feel that we are not confrontational enough. So who is right? ;)

Middle path is the way to go and that's the secret of our success in growth.

Goh Meng Seng