09 November 2005

Stupid Press Doesn't Understand Hyperlinking

I mean, really. What kind of journalism is this? I was reading the Straits Times online, and came across this article. Look at it yourself. See what kind of hyperlink they provide. I mean, how is this hyperlink relevant to the story? If the Straits Times doesn't know how to provide useful hyperlinks, I'd rather they don't provide hyperlinks at all.

Nov 9, 2005
Drowning a wake-up call for victim's brother
The death of Steven Sim has prompted a marked improvement in the behaviour of his identical twin Ivan, who has stopped mixing with bad company

By Tracy Sua and Benjamin Nadarajan

THE tragic drowning of Steven Sim became a wake-up call for his identical twin Ivan.

After his brother died in September, Ivan's family was afraid something would happen to him, too. So the Institute of Technical Education student, who used to get into fights, has stopped mixing with bad company and has turned over a new leaf.

Ivan used to be out about three times a week - with friends at pubs and hanging out at void decks. Often, he would not return home until after 7am.

Now he makes sure he is home by 10.30pm to spend time with the family. His outings with friends are limited to coffee or window shopping.

'I decided to spend more time at home instead of staying out late, and I think twice before doing anything,' said the 18-year-old precision engineering student. 'I just don't want to hurt my family and don't want them to be sad.'


Zen|th said...

Probably they were trying to promote the ITE? LoL~

Molly Meek said...

And when they write stuff about so-called political bloggers, they don't hyperlink.

Unknown said...

Maybe ITE paid them for the marketing effort, like how Intel pays PC companies like Dell to put its logos and links on their sites?