25 November 2005

3rd Seditious Blogger

Heheh. So my old boss, Bala Reddy, does not disappoint. He comes up with some innovative ideas for sentencing for the third seditious blogger, Gan Huai Shi.

ST 24 Nov 2005
Not jail, but immersion in Malay community
'This will allow him opportunities to have positive interaction with the Malay community.'
DISTRICT JUDGE BALA REDDY, in sentencing Gan to community work

By Chong Chee Kin
RACIST blogger Gan Huai Shi, 17, is not going to jail. But he will be getting an instant immersion into the Malay community instead.

Yesterday, District Judge Bala Reddy had some unusual recommendations to help correct Gan's 'misguided dislike for the Malay community' when he sentenced the student, the third such blogger convicted so far.

Unlike the first two, who were jailed for their seditious comments, Gan has been placed on probation for two years and ordered to do community service.

And the judge suggested Gan's probation officer should be a Malay who can 'act as a positive Malay role model' for the youth.

His 180 hours of community work should also take place at Malay welfare organisations such as the Jamiyah Home for the Aged, Pertapis Children's Home and Muhammadiyah Health and Day Care Centre for the Aged.

'This will allow him opportunities to have positive interaction with the Malay community... All these activities will act as an eye-opener for him when he participates in such activities of the Malay community,' the judge said.
In case you hadn't been following closely, this is what made Gan's case somewhat different from that of the other two seditious bloggers - his animosity towards Malays had been formed by a traumatic experience in his boyhood days:

Mr Pereira told the court the youth's animosity towards Malays stemmed from the traumatic death of his baby brother 10 years ago.

Gan, then seven, was with his mother trying to get a cab to rush his one-month-old brother to hospital. They failed to persuade a Malay couple to give up a taxi which had stopped for them. It took another 20 minutes before they flagged down another taxi. The baby was pronounced dead on arrival.

Yesterday, the judge ordered Gan to undergo counselling and psychiatric evaluation to help him come to terms with the death.
Good for you, Bala. Mr Wang awards you 10 bonus karma points.

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