30 June 2005


Here is another reason why Mr Wang's alternative career as a professional babysitter would work. Frankly, more middle-aged unemployed Singaporeans should consider becoming nannies. If you've raised your own children before, you already have the requisite experience.

Straits Times, June 30, 2005
Maid charged with bashing six-month-old baby's head

A 23-YEAR-OLD maid was charged yesterday with seven counts of abusing an infant she was employed to care for.

Indonesian live-in maid Kartini allegedly slammed the six-month-old baby's head against the floor twice, and hit, slapped and shook the child on other occasions.

"Bitch. Hope they lock you up and throw away the key."


tscd said...

I wonder how long it took for the parents of the child to realise that he/she was being abused. And who witnessed the maid doing those horrible things on 'other occasions' without saying anything.

I wonder how any parent would allow a baby to be brought up be an unsupervised, untrained maid. I don't think maids who work in Singapore come with references or child care diplomas.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

The problem, TSCD, is that in Singapore, you don't really get any professional babysitters with diplomas in childcare.

We're in a transition phase from one kind of family model, to the next. In the past (depending on how far back you want to look), fewer mothers worked; extended families were much more common; grannies were more involved in looking after the little ones, and so on.

Singapore society is discarding that model, but we don't have a model yet where professional nannies and babysitters are just a telephone call away.

Commercial childcare for babies below 18 months is also not easily available in Singapore.