11 July 2006

The Intelligent Singaporean

In the aftermath of the Mr Brown saga, I had been thinking about what the blogosphere needs to do, in order to carry on the mission to emancipate more Singaporeans' minds from the Dark Clutches of the Black Empire and to reveal to them the Alternative Shining Universe of Genuine Thought & Opinion.

More than a few blogs out there regularly supply worthy content, each in its own distinctive way. These include:

The nature of the blogosphere, however, is that it is fringe media and it is not necessarily very easy for the Uninitiated Masses to find their way through the maze of the Black Empire into the Alternative Shining Universe. Yes, there is word-of-mouth and yes, there is individual hyperlinking (which is why Mr Wang dutifully and regularly hyperlinks to worthy posts) but surely there can be improvements.

Tomorrow is not the answer. It could have been, but the noise-to-signal ratio is too high and too much of what's posted is .... well, let's just say that it wouldn't emancipate any minds. Ping.sg is an interesting possibility, but at the moment my feel is that it will develop the same problem as Tomorrow.

The answer is some kind of aggregator that focuses on serious posts about real issues in Singapore. And just as I thought of that, I found someone who just started doing that too.

Taa-daa. It's new, it hasn't got much content yet, but let's give this project some encouragement and do our part to help it grow. Presenting:

The Intelligent Singaporean

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palmist said...

haha doesn't the title sound a bit elitist? It seems to suggest that people who don't see the glaring flaws of the government are not very bright. Just my observation.

Anonymous said...

Agree with palmist.

Actually, when I saw the title, before I read your article, I thought it was a dig at those "scholarly" (scholarships mah) pappies

le radical galoisien said...

Hmm? I think it's more polarising than elitist, because elitist kind of implies a difficulty to reach the top, whereas this implies an easy choice. It's more of, "if you support the government, you are clearly dumb."

Anyhow, I think teachers are an often overlooked part of spreading awareness of the alternative press and the Singaporean blogosphere. I have noticed for example, several teachers set up blogs for their students, even at secondary one. When they set them literature, English or GP papers they often have to outline arguing strategies, logical fallacies and highlight controversial issues.

Often, they cite various articles from the internet. Perhaps, we also have to get teachers to reach out to their students more, because it seems that plenty tend not to support the status quo either.

It's funny how the ministers use logical fallacies in almost every press statement they make, when at the same time we are being taught from secondary school onwards how not to avoid (or spot) logical fallacies.

Do they think most Singaporeans are primary school students or something?

Anonymous said...

It's an aggregator. If you write pro-PAP posts which are intelligent, you could probably get featured as well.

(Of course, some will say that it is not possible to write pro-PAP posts which are intelligent. I say - try harder, and use your imagination ..... a lot, a lot of it.)

utwt said...

thanks for the support Mr. Wang. your post has given the blog an excellent kickstart and u will deserve much credit if it is successful in the future. would u mind dropping me an email? - my addy is on the blog

Heavenly Sword said...

Excellent development! And very cute blog title too... :)

I'm sure it'll be an intelligent force in cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

I don't think one is intelligent simply because one chooses to oppose the death penalty, protest about foreign talent and blame the government for high prices.

But I'll be sure to pass the site's url to just about every taxi driver and kopitiam dude in Singapore.


moomooman said...

silly me... I thought just putting a link of wang in my blog will make me look intelligent.

You mean I have to read those blogs?

nofearSingapore said...
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nofearSingapore said...

I am honored that you have included my blog.
I have just added a new post.

Dr. Huang

Lucky Tan said...

Intelligent Singapore = a person who can understand govt policies without asking questions.

There are many intelligent Singaporeans around. I would think so because there are so few questions, I gather they totally understand what the govt says or does not say all the time about their policies.

We are an intelligent nation...a silent intelligent nation.

Cobalt Paladin said...

Heh heh heh! My submission of "The Current State" got accepted. Now I feel intelligent. :)

Thanks Mr. Wang for the link and thanks InSpir3d for putting up.

Anonymous said...

"Of course, some will say that it is not possible to write pro-PAP posts which are intelligent. I say - try harder, and use your imagination ..... a lot, a lot of it.)"

You can count on Lucky Tan to write pro PAP post intelligently. He dress it up so well that he is called a MORON for his pro PAP stance.

Anonymous said...

Hey Molly's suggestion is perfect!!

check out the last part, what we can do to enure that mainstream media posts only articles that are non-partisan


quote from Molly's (solly molly!!)

"OK, someone once complained that more than 85% of Internet postings are anti-PAP and so there is a need to have some “balance” by managing the Internet. Now, allow Molly to suggest that since probably more than 90% of mainstream media articles are pro-PAP BUT the PAP wants the mainstream media to be non-partisan, we might have to do our parts as citizens to remind the mainstream media to be non-partisan.

So, every time we spot a partisan article (pro-PAP or pro-opposition) in the ST or in Today or any other local paper, we might want to politely write to them and tell them to be non-partisan. We need to work together with the government to ensure that the mainstream media is non-partisan.

Template for Letter:

Dear _______,

I refer to the article “_________________,” in the paper ____________________. This article is dangerously partisan and I hope you will make amendments to the article and perhaps suspend the journalist who wrote the article.

As Ms. K Bhavani once wrote to the press, “[i]t is not the role of journalists or newspapers in Singapore to champion issues, or campaign for or against the Government.”

Kindly issue a public apology for publishing partisan articles.
Thank you very much.

Yours truly,

" unquote

do your part citizens!!

Elia Diodati said...

Polarization is inevitable once a meritocracy is established, because one has a universally-accepted figure of merit to judge people with.

So what's new? I would have preferred a name like "The Thinking Singaporean", but...

le radical galoisien said...

"All Singaporeans are equally intelligent but some are more equally intelligent than others?"