01 March 2006

Extreme Tracking

Mr Wang uses Extreme Tracking to monitor his blog traffic (see little button at the end of the sidebar). Among other things, ET monitors the people who come to Mr Wang's blog via search engines like Google and Yahoo!. ET also reveals the most frequently-used words that these people type into Google & Yahoo search engines, en route to this blog.

For obvious reasons, some of the most frequently-used words so far have been "wang", "bakes", "good", "karma", "singapore" and "commentarysingapore". However, thanks to the recent obsession with Tammy just in the past week or so, the top keywords now include "sex", "video", "nanyang", "tammy", "student", "poly" and "polytechnic".

      All Keywords Unique Visitors

      1492 6.44% singapore
      507 2.19% sex
      456 1.97% wang
      363 1.57% video

      275 1.19% the
      272 1.17% nanyang
      249 1.08% and
      188 0.81% tan
      187 0.81% for
      187 0.81% karma
      185 0.80% good
      184 0.79% tammy
      170 0.73% student
      165 0.71% blog
      139 0.60% poly
      131 0.57% why
      131 0.57% commentarysingapore
      127 0.55% melvyn
      126 0.54% van
      123 0.53% bakes
      118 0.51% polytechnic
      109 0.47% nguyen
What's wrong with you people? There's porn all over the Internet. Why so much interest in a girl who REALLY didn't intend to make her sex life public?

The next day in school, Tammy felt compelled
to use a rather extreme form of disguise.


Anonymous said...

i wonder if you've noticed, that all the tracking, blogrolling, etc on your blog is causing it to load extremely sloooowly...

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Hey, I need some techie help here. I've been told that the blog loads slowly, but I'm not sure why ...

is it my frequent use of photos? Or the long blogroll? Or the links in my "About Me" section? Or do I have too many posts on the main page? Or is it the Extreme Tracker? Or the Recent Comments feature?

Or is it the cumulative effect of all of the above?

Anonymous said...

Yea man. Can someone teach Mr Wang and bake good karma for him/herself? ;)

Anonymous said...

why don't Mr Wang try to solve the problem by elimination method...take turns suspending the functions to see its effect.

The individual post pages do not have such long load times.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Hi all

I've done some tweaking ... tell me if the blog loads faster now?

Anonymous said...

Yes much better now. It's loading very quickly.

malc said...

Because almost the entire blogosphere is talking about it? I really doubt that she will get so much publicity or attention if people refrained from blogging about it or divulging key information like: "sex", "video", "nanyang", "tammy", "student", "poly" and "polytechnic".

Just a side note: I wonder how the face of the perpertrator looks like. =)