12 November 2005

The Elections Are Coming!

Nov 12, 2005
It's confirmed: Buangkok station opens in

By Goh Chin Lian

TRANSPORT Minister Yeo Cheow Tong yesterday confirmed that Buangkok MRT
station will finally open in January next year - 2 1/2 years after the rest of the North-East Line.

The decision, which confirms a report in Thursday's Straits Times, comes after appeals from the local MP and residents, and even a public protest.

It reverses the Land Transport Authority's recent review, which concluded that there would not be enough people living in the area to warrant opening the station until 2008.

Still, in a statement yesterday, the Transport Ministry said the LTA had recommended the station be opened early to better serve residents of recently-completed housing developments nearby.
Heheh, then look at this part:
Mr Yeo denied the Government had pressured SBS to open the station.

'We have left it to them... This has to be a commercial decision because there is no way we are going to step in to offset any losses.'
Heheh, if it is a pure commercial decision by SBS, then why is Yeo Cheow Tong, Transport Minister announcing it, instead of the CEO of SBS?
Asked if the opening of the station was a sweetener for the upcoming general election, Mr Yeo said it had more to do with tireless appeals from Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC MP Charles Chong.

The timing of the opening, he said, was a coincidence.

Aiyah, don't so shy lah. You know, I know, we all know - so shy for what?


Unknown said...

Once upon a time, one dude buried his golds in his backyard. Worried that others might steal from him, he put up a sign that said "There's no gold here" at the point where he buried his gold...

Jon said...

Haha...that should go onto the back of a tshirt too. :)

Kai said...

Haha.. Who doesn't know the elections are coming, gotta hand out some tidbits mah.. Anyway, that Mr Yeo is probably the most tactless minister we have. Still remember he threaten some poor folks with police action if they didn't evict their properties on time..

kkyz13 said...

Well, no tidbits for those living near Woodleigh, a station inbetween Potong Pasir and Serangoon.

And if you think no one lives there, think again. I live there.

at82 said...

Very funny leh our Transport Minister.

Election date isn't announced yet and he said it is an "coincidence"... Isn't that telling everyone election time will be around that period lol..