17 September 2005

Alter Ego

When PM Lee isn't busy trying to score political points with the masses, he actually sounds a lot like Mr Wang. Scary.
Sept 17, 2005
Online or off, if it fans hatred, Govt will act
By Aaron Low

IT DOES not matter whether inflammatory racist remarks are made online or offline - it is still against the law to stir up distrust and enmity between the races.

And the Government will act against anyone who threatens racial and religious harmony, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Saturday.

Race, language and religion remain sensitive issues in Singapore, and a younger generation must grow up learning the 'eternal truths' about Singapore's multiracial and multi-religious society, he said.


'Whether you do it on the Internet, whether you do it in the newspapers, whether you go and say it in public or even in the Speakers' Corner, it doesn't matter where you say it; this is a message which is not acceptable,' said Mr Lee.

For the full report, read The Sunday Times.

"Even I have changed my name. Or haven't you noticed?"


Kevin said...

Unlike other forms of media, blogging only serves to make one's intent more identifiable, meaning you can "kenna" more easily than say if you were to say racist remarks in broad daylight. I only have two "food for thought" questions on this...

1) How much is too much?
Are racist jokes also considered bad even though most people are honestly all guilty of it in their daily lives? Or does it require clear and present danger?

2) Does obscurity = privacy?
Was this recent blogger obscure or well-known in the blogosphere since that would impact how far his opinions would carry. If he was obscure, or even under a pseudo-name, an anonymous blogger isn't guaranteed privacy. That's something to think about since it nulls anonymity.

xenoboysg said...

Hi Mr Wang,

Arguing about free speech and hate speech ends up running in circles.

Anyway, yes the three are wrong and should be punished. But not for sedition, even though the seidtion law allows it because there are other regulations available. My view.

Looking forward to online Sunday Times, hopefully can read some of the recommended poems by Gilbert, my old friend.

Recruit Ong said...

Hate speech and racism isn't going to go away. Charging a 17 yr old teen, whose blog's reach i doubt is wide, with some Seditions Act is just a smoke screen and another ploy to divert s'poreans' attention from the ineptness of this gahmen over more pressing issues.

akikonomu said...

I will post a blog entry later this afternoon on exactly what the smoke screen was trying to cover!