14 January 2006

Another XiaXue Scandal

Aiyoh, girl. Please grow up.

What I feel about you is .... not even contempt. More like pity. You must have lacked a lot of love during your early childhood.

Or maybe you were a crooked one, even then.

Xiaxue, three months old.


Agagooga said...

Xiaxue may not be a saint, but I think what you've just done is far more tasteless than anything she has.

akikonomu said...

In terms of tastelessness, that picture Mr Wang posted is equivalent to a fission bomb. Perhaps he feels a need to grab attention as well?

7-8 said...

Wow, somebody's said that you're more tasteless than her. That's like the compliment of the year or something.

It's like saying you're smarter than Einstein, play golf better than Tiger Woods, or play piano better than Martha Agerich.

Agagooga said...

Even Hitler deserves a fair trial.

singaporean said...

Err...my PSLE score was more than 269, but I dont get what the big deal is going on...

Can we talk about death sentences or something? I mean, the Law Society really is going to look into it... ST apparently either knew something in advance or made something happen.

Or how about the express one day trial to the death sentence the Koh Samui rapists got? Now where is the justice in that?

Or how about the government one time bonus to ensure the underemployed still vote for the lightning before they starve to death?

But I suspect Mr Wang is biased here... maybe he knows blinkymummy or xlx... neighbours in the same HDB flat perhaps...

Zia said...

is this XiaXue a whore? I am confused. Someone please enlighten me. what is a XiaXue because I don't believe that is a picture of a real person.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

I did try to find an appropriately tasteful picture to portray Xiaxue's latest behaviour.

I failed. I couldn't see anything remotely tasteful in Xiaxue's latest behaviour.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Mama Mia,

Xiaxue is a celebrity blogger in this part of the world - she's probably Singapore's best-known blogger.

Half the time, for the wrong kinds of reasons.

Heretic_Guy said...

damn...i thought i could avoid the trash blogs and read sum good stuff at ur site. The best way to deal with all tht AA(attract attention) type of pple is to be completely apathetic towards them... no? pls stick to informative and intelligent postings so as not degenerate into a ST. =)

Anthony said...

Mr Wang,

I was originally going to set out my thoughts in -defence- of Xiaxue. However, on further reading Xiaxue's post, I've decided that I'm too insignificant a blogger (or person that owns a blog, as the case may be).

How can one hope for mercy, rendering none?

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

I haven't read XiaXue's post, Anthony. I don't intend to. I frankly don't follow any of these silly matters in the blogosphere with any real interest.

This time round, I stumbled on the matter quite accidentally while clicking around people's blogs from link to link.

I'm not interested in the details of the squabbles/quarrels between those few ladies. All I gather is that XiaXue tried to impersonate a real blogger, and while pretending to be that real blogger, attack another real blogger.

Can you imagine that? It's despicable. You want to flame somebody using vile language, please do it using your own name. Or even use a fictitious pseudonym. But don't pretend to be someone else (a *real* person) and go attacking your target. It's despicable.

On that basis alone, I think that my choice of picture is excellent. It suggests someone who's:

(1) young;

(2) childish;

(3) immature;

(4) malicious;

(5) prone to hatching elaborate nasty schemes (notice evil glint in eyes);

(6) unrepentant (notice big wide grin); and

(7) photoshopped.

Which of my seven adjectives do any of you disagree with? Let me know.

akikonomu said...

Mr Wang has a plan to become the official ST cartoonist, right? Because this is exactly the sort of things ST cartoonists sometimes engage in: character insinuations through caricatures (Ugly = Evil).

Your picture choice and defense of it is excellent: It's malicious, evil, childish, unrepentant... and somehow falling very far from what I expect someone of your caliber.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Well, sorry to disappoint you then. Have a nice day anyway.

Anthony said...

Mr Wang,

No, I understand where you're coming from. My take with all this has always been that people should back off and treat each other civilly.

In short, I'd have written to give Xiaxue a bit of a break - the fact that the act was childish and immature means she should be pitied, not condemned.

However, after her latest defiant post about how she wouldn't be changing her writing style (why that was relevant, I have no idea), I'm no longer of that persuasion. I don't see why anyone should be kind to her, seeing as she's not kind to anyone.

Agagooga said...

Choosing not to be kind, and choosing to be even more un-kind are not the same.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Kindness? What has that got to do with it? This is about honesty & integrity. Of which Xiaxue has displayed a complete lack.

Consider 5 scenarios:

1. Imagine someone backstabbing you in the office.

2. Then imagine someone backstabbing you in the office, and making it look as if someone else did it.

3. Now imagine someone backstabbing you in the office, and making it look as if someone else, who is your FRIEND, did it.

4. Next, imagine someone backstabbing you in the office, and making it look as if someone else, who is your FRIEND, did it, and then perpetuating this deceit on EVERYONE in the office.

5. Finally, imagine someone backstabbing you in the office, and making it look as if SOMEONE ELSE, who is your FRIEND, did it, and then publicly perpetuating this deceit on EVERYONE in the office, and then, on being caught, moves rapidly as she can to DESTROY and DELETE all available evidence of her own DISHONESTY.

Now, tell me which scenario is the best analogy to Xiaxue's latest behaviour.

Then say it to me again, with a straight face, "Oh, Mr Wang, you should be kind to this person and not use such an ugly baby photo."

To this person, who draws pictures of other people's labia and posts them on the Internet.

And DON'T even get me started on the behaviour of the Tomorrow editors, on this matter.

xenoboysg said...

I am surprised by the discomfort aroused by the picture. The implicit theme is that Mr Wang has somehow betrayed his "standards", stooped to a lower level.

And that is plain silly.

Anything that is discomfiting and makes you squirm is not necessarily bad.

Look at this issue squarely, as Anthony has done, address it as Mr Wang has done succintly in his post and in depth in these comments. And tell me what you SEE. Save the self righteous pity, suspend your affiliations and just tell me what you SEE?

akikonomu said...

What pity?

She who must not be named has committed a serious error. That does not give anyone an excuse to brand her with a red letter. How does the choice of the picture help lead to a society where people can actually communicate with each other, and chastice each other, and still remain in polite society?

Michael McClung said...

akikanomu- in a perfect world, you would be right. this isn't a perfect world. xiaxue has said so many times, in so many ways, that she's a 'take no prisoners, no quarter asked and none given' kinda gal. to extend the courtesy of civility towards her would be like telling a rabid dog 'it's not your fault that you're insane and disease-ridden and a danger to everyone around you, so therefore go on your rabid way, o foaming one!'

Nice. philosophically laudable. and stupid.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Frankly, I think the picture isn't so bad. I thought it was quite funny, actually. Ok lor, some people think it's tasteless, but can't be bad as the recent one about Kenny Sia in leotards exposing his belly button and hairy thighs in a weight-loss ad, what.

As for that Xiaxue, goodness, she hasn't even said that she's sorry. Why would she want my kindness? As far as she's concerned, she's done no wrong - except to be dumb enough to get caught.

7-8 said...

"Choosing not to be kind, and choosing to be even more un-kind are not the same. "

I agree with that, but I need to point out that Xiaxue is guilty of both.

"She who must not be named has committed a serious error."

We need to make a distinction here between "committing a serious error" and "being a serial offender". Xiaxue is more the latter than the former. I don't read her that often but I already know these "errors":

1. Inciting her readers to harrass Fiona Xie's blog, causing it to close down.

2. Posting embarrassing emails, mean to be private, on her blog.

3. Making remarks about the disabled. (It's not wrong to use the disabled toilet, but the derogotary remarks are tasteless.)

4. Making racist remarks about foreign workers in Singapore

5. Using Xialanxue's hand to slap Blinkymummy's face.

None of the above would matter very much if she wasn't an icon for the Singaporean bloggers.

Therefore what we are dealing with here is not an unfortunate person being castigated for 1 error, but rather somebody who is unrepentant, recalcitrant, and giving all of us a bad name.

simplesandra said...

agagooga wrote: "Even Hitler deserves a fair trial."

Well, not according to Winston Churchill. =)

BunnyButt said...

Churchill's no better than Hitler.